Review: Body Moisturizers

Hi Glamifys!

It’s been a long time since I posted a blog and for good reason! I’ve purchased a few items over the last few weeks and wanted to try them out first before giving my two cents worth.

Last week, guardian pharmacy had a 50% off sale on quite a good range of products at suntec city. I bought so much stuff which includes 2 moisturizers from Udderly smooth & Invite Vitamin E cream.


So here’s the comparison between the 2:

1. Price: invite approx. rrp$8
Udderly approx. rrp $25

2. Weight: invite 100g
udderly 473ml (16 fl.oz)

3. Texture: invite is creamy emollient oily thick easy to absorb. May leave a whitish residue on clothing if not absorbed properly into skin

Udderly feels more liquidy like a thick milk texture. Extremely easy to absorb Into skin and skin does not feel like it has any product on once absorbed. It also does not leave whitish residue

4. Usage: invite face hands body. Great for those with Enzcema that need long lasting thick creams to hydrate dry skin

Udderly hands and body only. Those who have Enzcema may feel that e products dries out faster than invite. So u may need to reapply more frequently.

I usually apply invite on my knees elbows and anywhere that is extremely dry. Udderly smooth is applied on other parts of e body like e legs n hands. Plus it’s greaseless so clothing glides on smoothly and does not stick to ur skin like what some body butters r capable of.

Since the guardian sale was half off, I was very pleased with my purchases. Try to head down to bigger guardian stores like those at suntec city as the smaller outlets may not carry invite or udderly


Glamify Sg

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