Review: Different Kinds of Eye Liners

Hi Glamifys,

I am a fan of eyeliners and I’ve tried all kinds from gel, cream, liquid, pens, kohl, kajal… (so far I think that’s about it haha ) Most (90% oops! 😛 ) of the products mentioned are from Mac, I am by no way linked to them. It just so happens that I’ve tried other brands and I am stuck to some of the Mac liners.

I have a few favourites depending on the type of look I want to achieve. For example:

1. Gel/Cream: Mac’s Blacktrack Fluidline


-Easy to apply. Good for beginners

-Can be applied to waterline although not recommended. Stays on all day

-Good for any looks that require eyeliner that doesn’t require a harsh line

-Great as a base or for blending


-some may find that it irritates the eyes. You might need to try a few brands before finding one that is good for the waterline

-you need to carry a brush along with the gel liner. May be more convenient to leave this for those times where you are doing your makeup at home.

2. Pencil/Kohl: Mac’s Technakohl in Graphblack/ Mac’s Eye Kohl in Smolder/ Clio Professional Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner in # 7


-Simple and fuss-free. The first liner any beginner should start with

-Convenient to carry around. Even better if you buy those that do not need sharpening. Just twist and turn for more

-Great for waterline. Smolder and Graphblack seems to be the only pencil liner that doesn’t trigger my watery eyes. Gelpresso is smudge proof although I can only use it on my eyelids.

-Appropriate for looks that do not require much of a cat eye since it is not as precise vs. gel (using an angled brush) or liquid/pen liners.

-Pencils are blendable to give a smokey look


-Most pencil liners do not give a harsh line (same effect as the gel) “Diffused look”

-not as precise as other liners.

3. Liquid Liners: Urban Decay 24/7 or Make Up Forever Liquid Liners


-once set, stays on for a very long time

-most give a glossy harsh line. Appropriate for looks that require a fierce cat eye etc



-not for the faint hearted. Beginners will be discouraged for the first few times as liquid liners are not forgiving. Every mistake is magnified.

-can be quite messy to clean up as it might smear around your eye

-not appropriate for waterline


4. Pen Liners: Mac’s Penultimate, Maybelline’s Hyper Sharp Liner, L’Oreal Super Liner & my fav K-Palette’s 1 Day Tattoo Super Black Eyeliner


-Gives the harsh defined line similar to liquid liners but without the instability of holding a mini brush or wand

-extremely precise and can produce a super fine line

-convenient to carry around in your purse for touch ups

-once it sets, it does not budge

-Penultimate seems to be the least glossy and also not as black compared to the 4 mentioned above

-K Palette is the easiest to use. The brush is super fine and stiff. Beginner friendly


-Might take some practising. just use the pen slanted. (ie pen is parallel to your eye rather than perpendicular to get a steady straight line)

-cannot be used on waterline

My current favourite as mentioned is the K Palette. It stays on like FOREVER! Put it on and wait for about half a minute so that it sets. No need to put powder or anything on top of it. It is extremely black too. I bought it for $19.90 compared to my old favourite Penultimate which is about $30.

Below is a picture of me rubbing my fingers over the liner vigorously for about a minute. Barely moved or smudged

Love love love !

For the last 2 months, I have been using the K Palette for my eye lids and Technakohl for my waterline


Glamify Sg






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