Makeup Tip: Eyebrows & Review on Cyber Colours Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

Dear Glamifys,

Hope your day has been great! Recently someone asked me if I took a lot of effort to groom and colour in my eyebrows in the morning. The answer is “of course No!”

Just like many of you, I do not have the luxury of time in the morning. So here is a detailed post on what I do for my eyebrows and I will also share with you the only staple product in my makeup bag.

How I groom my eyebrows:

The hairs do not grow quickly so I only have to do a full clean up once a month. By cleanup, I mean heading to Rupini’s at Midpoint Orchard and getting them threaded.

Threading is painful for first timers. It is basically using a white cotton thread and winding the thread around the hair to pluck it out. Its like using a tweezer but plucking a row of 10 hairs at once. Even for regulars like me, it is a natural reaction to tear up during threading. You get used to the feeling of having hair removed in this manner.

Waxing is not my favourite as it pulls out some of the skin too. Although the side effect is minimal when done by a professional, threading is a lot cheaper, safer and there is no risk of getting an accidental burn. I get really sensitive skin around the eyebrows from waxing. Waxing costs about $20 at STRIP which is a famous chain for waxing, threading etc. They are good at what they do and I go to them for IPL and body waxing.

** Go to an Indian shop for threading, seriously! Threading originated from India. From what I heard, the training they undergo is a detailed one. So go to Rupini’s or the one above Mustafa Centre to get it done. For eyebrows, it should be $5-8. I purchased a $80 package for 10 sessions of upper lip & eyebrows from Rupini’s and I like the to go to their orchard branch as the ladies are friendly and the location is convenient. Very very cheap**

During the week, when there is an unruly hair, I simply tweeze or trim it down.

Some people with faster and thicker hair growth may thread once a week or fortnightly. It all depends on you 🙂

How I shape & colour my brows:

I use a spoolie (a brush that is wound up to look like a spiral) or an eyebrow brush. These sell cheap and most eyebrow pencils come with a spoolie attached anyways.


My one most favourite makeup product in the world has got to be the automatic eyebrow pencil by Cyber Colours. It can only be found at Sasa and cost about $9. There may be a promotion from time to time so do check with the assistants.



The colour I use is no. 5 dark brown. It is a medium brown with a slight reddish undertone. This is great for those with highlighted hair. The pencil is smooth and easy to blend. The colour is long lasting and gives a natural finish.



The pencil “lead” is flat and “sword” shaped. Most pencils are a thin round shape yet the cyber colour one is thick and flat. This means you can draw on your eyebrow a lot faster and you can mimic the eyebrow hair with just a small flick of the pencil.


For $9, you seriously cannot go wrong with this pencil. Keep in mind that Mac and LancĂ´me has very tiny skinny pencil “leads” at triple the cost. There is no need to set with powder or gel although if you really wanted you could coat the finished eyebrow with a clear gel like those from Ardell or Mac brow set.

Cyber Colours eyebrow pencil does not need sharpening. Just turn the pencil and a fresh edge appears. It is made in Korea and each pencil weighs 0.18g/0.006oz.


My eyebrows take me less than a minute each to draw on. Plus the tip lead i.e. “sword edge” is pointed so you can draw a nice fine stroke for the end of the eyebrows.

Brush the eyebrows through to blend the colours with the natural eyebrow hairs and you are done!

So simple and easy peasy.

Next blog post will be a more complicated way of doing brows when you have more time to do your makeup 🙂 or when you are going swimming/playing water sports etc. *winks* waterproof eyebrows!


Glamify Sg

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    This is perfect for me, I need some help with my eyebrows. Thanks!


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