Quick Tips: Eyeliner

Hi Glamifys,

I get questions here and there about how I do my makeup, how I get the application to be so smooth etc… so I thought of doing “quick tip” posts whenever I get these questions and hopefully you might find it useful too 😉

Question 1: My eyeliner always smudges but yours doesn’t. How do you keep it nice and defined the whole day.

Answer: For those who use pencil liners and you find the liner smudging, you might want to think about setting it with a powder or a pen/gel/liquid liner on top of it. Just as you layer powder eyeshadow over creams that crease easily, the same goes for eyeliners too. I find that using a pencil liner first and then layering a pen liner like K-palette tattoo or L’Oreal super liner on top of it 99.9% results in smudge proof lines :p

Question 2: My hands are not steady enough to use a brush (for gel eyeliners) or liquid (those that are in a pen form or regular liquid liners with mini brushes attached to them). How do you get a straight line?

Answer: In my previous post, I mentioned that liquid liners are not for the faint hearted. So to make things a little easier, use a pencil eyeliner first. It is the most fool-proof eyeliner application method. You can slowly practice covering the pencil line with a liquid liner. Use small strokes. Do it extremely slowly. Keep your brush/pen almost parallel to your eye…. this will then allow the brush to rest comfortably on your eyelid and you are using the entire length of the brush/pen tip to draw the line. Since the pencil liner is there as a guide, it makes the pen/gel application alot easier. 🙂

Question 3: With my eyes closed, I drew a perfect line. But when I open my eyes, it is uneven.

Answer: We all have different eyelid types. Some are hooded, some are mono, some are oily and there are some that have lots of creases and lines. Even my left and right eye are not completely the same. One has 1 fold and another has 3. The key is opening your eyes and slowly making minor adjustments to even out the eyeliner. Then close your eyes to make sure you fill in any gaps. For those with very different eye shapes, you can try doing a dark smokey line near the eyelashes. the smokey line will give you allowance to balance out the eyeliner.

Question 4: If I am in a rush and I made a slight mistake/kink to my eyeliner, how do I hide it?

Answer: Simple! I always cheat! haha use a matt black eyeshadow and lightly smudge the line out… the eyeshadow will also fill up any creases and lines that may cause the eyeliner to look jagged. use a small soft brush and go over the top of the eyeliner (the part where the eyeliner meets yours bare eyelid skin)

Question 5: There are so many brushes for eyeliner. Which is the best?

Answer: There is no definite answer to this one, sadly to say. There are angled brushes, fine or thick straight brushes, rounded top brushes (something like a mini eyeshadow shading brush) and the list goes on… I personally use the angled brush from Eco tools. I just find that it is soft and easy to draw a cat eye with.

Beginners might want a brush that has soft bristles. They are more forgiving and are flexible to follow the curvature of your eye. Pick those synthetic bristles that are soft and non-scratchy. For those who would like to apply gel eyeliner to your water line, try picking out an angled brush instead of those fine straight liner brushes. An angled brush is sturdier and easier to push eyeliner into the water line. When the brush is too flexible, it becomes wobbly giving you a messy line with you do not have steady hands.

Please let me know if you like quick tips so that I can do more/ less in the future 😀


Glamify Sg

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2 Comments on “Quick Tips: Eyeliner”

  1. dorothy
    December 2, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    very helpful, thanks!


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