Review: K Palette Real Lasting 24 Eyebrow Pen

Hi Glamifys,

Hope all of your are doing good. Its F1 season once more so be patient with the traffic jams and road closures. 🙂

I recently purchased the K palette eyebrow 24 hour pen at around SGD 17 from Watsons and I am loving it.

Many years ago, I bought the Mac Brow Pen liner. It was probably twice the price of K Palette and was not as durable or weather proof as well.


This is the first post where I take pic of the product on myself so let me know if you like to see more of such posts ya? :p

I had trimmed my eyebrows and shaved the excess hair. As you can see my eyebrows have lots of gaps and the tail is barely existent haha


Brushing small and light feathery strokes to mimic hair strands, I get the perfect filled in eyebrows that look extremely natural.


(this is the part where I dare walk out of the house even when I don’t have other makeup on) haha


Well it is pretty obvious that the one on the left is perfect brow whereas the right one still needs to be filled in.

Here are some things to note about the eyebrow pen:

1. it has a fine tip which is good for fine strokes. I just barely used the tip to draw the eyebrows on.


2. the fine tip also means you can get an extremely fine line for the ends of your eyebrows. Great to achieve that “perfect pointed arch”

3. the colour range is extremely limited. Its probably a good idea to find a tester. I used Mac lingering or brunette eyebrow pencil and cyber colours no.5 dark brown. So if you can carry those colours off, you can go ahead with k palette “01” colour. It has a slight reddish undertone to the light brown. If you use it lightly, the colours are extremely forgiving on the face. If you want it darker, wait for the first coat to dry then put on another coat.

4. sets within 1 minute. It is a really good idea to do one eyebrow at a time. If your hands are not steady/ you are not familiar with the shape of your brow/ you are a beginner, then try doing small strokes then use a spoolie to blend it out after each small section. This is to prevent the brow from setting and making it extremely challenging to blend out.

* since I am extremely familiar with my brow shape, I just draw the entire eyebrow on then use a spoolie to blend it out at once. I do one brow at a time 🙂

5. it does not budge. Even in the humidity and heat, the eyebrows stay on very very well. I wouldn’t say it is waterproof that you can go swimming in but at least it doesn’t run down your face when you sweat.

I cannot tell you how much I love this!

** Just a tip for beginners, use a pencil to sketch out the brow shape first then use the k palette brow pen when you are happy with the shape. **


Glamify Sg

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