Review: Mac Zoom Lash vs Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara

HI Glamifys,

I have been using Mac’s Zoom lash since it came with one of the sets I bought from Mac and I have been madly in love with it.

It is extremely black and wet for a mascara. Not many may find this appealing especially when you have short and fine lashes. The wetness of the mascara could wear your eyelashes down making them disappear. So for those with such lashes, its better to go for mascaras that are drier like the Lancome Hypnose or Dior show.

My eyelashes are medium in length and volume. I usually like to have my lashes extremely black and fanned out.. No spidey lashes for me too.. :p

So when I was near the end of the zoom lash, I thought of getting a replacement and the Mac MUA recommended me the Haute & Naughty Too Black mascara. She claimed its ” just as wet and black as Zoom”.

I don’t know whether to agree or disagree because it is true that H&N is wet and black but the effect on my lashes are quite different than the zoom.

Zoom didn’t weight down on my lashes and my lashes stayed perfect for the entire day. H&N sort of wore off after a while.. Didn’t hold the curl as long plus! You can get quite spidey lashes pretty easily.

It retailed at SGD 35 same as the zoom I think. H&N came with 2 brushes.. I guess it’s a smart thing to do.. One is natural thin sparse bristles while the other is a fat brush for volume since it dispenses more product.

**one thing to note is that I had to do 2 coats of H&N to get the same effect as 1 coat of Zoom. Plus with Zoom, I never had to brush it out with a comb to get rid of spidey legs… **

This is my natural bare lashes.. Not as visible on camera


I had curled with the shu uemera lash curler which is amazing by the way.


The final comparison after 1 hour. The lashes from the middle of my eye to the bridge of my nose on the H&N seems to be weighed down making them lose the “fanned out” effect. The zoom still held out the same.


So I guess I am disappointed with the H&N . Both are not waterproof FYI. There is a waterproof version of zoom though. I kinda prefer the non waterproof one since its easier to remove with warm water and regular cleanser.

** I didn’t use any makeup so ignore the past midnight skin haha **


Glamify Sg

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