Review: MAC Glamour Daze & Office Hour limited edition collection

Hi Glamifys,

It has been a long long time since I last blogged.

I recently purchased a few Mac items from the Glamour Daze Collection (limited edition) that was recently released in Singapore.

There was 2 face powders/highlighters available in this collection. One was more light gold undertone whereas the other one had more a rose gold/bronzy finish to it.

The gold highlighter did not come off well against my skin tone. However, the rose gold (SUPERB Extra Dimension Skinfinish) was brilliant.

It has a very nice sheen and fine specks of glitter. Due to its shimmery finish, it will not be appropriate for contour if your skin tone is very fair. The colour looks really dark in the pot, but once you swatch it on your skin, it comes off slightly translucent. Extremely pretty highlight. (** use it as an eyeshadow too… SGD 50 each)

There were a few fluid lines (one was a dark grey, dark taupe and a GLITTERY PINK). Yes, fluid lines are gel eyeliners. So the dark grey and dark taupe was like regular eyeliners. The one that caught my eye was the glittery pink called FEMININE EDGE. It’s the first fluid line I have seen that has chunky specks of glitter on it.

I had to ask the MUA how to use it as the colour was way too light to apply as an eyeliner. She mentioned that you could do a really dark eye and use it as an eyeliner. Or… you could use your eye shadow and then layer the fluid line on top of it. Imagine you doing a base colour on your nails and then putting one coat of glittery polish.. That’s the effect of the FEMININE EDGE.

Absolutely beautiful. I have swatched the feminie edge on top of each eyeshadow and skin finish so that you can see the effect. (SGD 32 each)

I purchased 2 eyeshadows from the collection. Its pretty difficult to describe the colour as they have a chrome finish. Basically, the eyeshadows from this collection are metallic/shiny/iridescent. So when you swatch them, they sort of give off a different hue under different lighting.

For example, I bought STOLEN MOMENT thinking it would be a taupe/greyish/reddish tone. But when I swatched it, it had the most stunning maroon/purplish sheen finish. It reminded me of some paint pots many years back from Mac that had a wet finish. It has a oil slick type of ‘wet-ness’ to it.

The other one I purchased was READY TO PARTY. This is my most favourite eyeshadow. It is a gorgeous lilac. Depending on the lighting, it comes off as lavender or pink. It does wash out your eye so be sure to add black eyeliner to tie the colours together.


I use Ready to Party all over the eye and Stolen moment at the outer V of my eye and the crease. Perfect combo.

Eyeshadows retail at SGD 36.

** Top left to right: Ready to party eyeshadow, Superb Skin Finish & Stolen Moment eyeshadow.

Bottom centre: Feminine edge fluid line



** left to right: Superb, ready to party, stolen moment, feminine edge. Bottom half of each swatch is layered with feminine edge.




There was also blushes and kohl pencils which did not attract me since the colours can be easily duped with other regular Mac products.

I did, however, purchase the blushes from the Office hours collection last month. Which I absolutely love so I bought 2 sets haha limited edition. I was using peachykeen before and this collection is a lot more prettier and long lasting.

One was eternal sun (brown) and the other whole lotta of love (hot pink/coral). They last the whole day and are very pigmented. Go with a light hand during application. Eternal sun is also known as eternal sunshine. It is an almost matte brown great for contour if you are nc/nw 35 or lighter. If you are darker, eternal sunshine will not do much for contour purposes.

Whole lotta of love is like peachy keen but without the sheen. It gives a natural flush since it is almost matte. The satin finish makes you look like you are blushing from the inside out. The colour looks extremely strong in the pot. You would just need to use like a duo fibre brush and lightly sweep it on the apples of your cheeks for a pretty glow.

They retail for SGD 39 each. ** limited edition*

Pictures below are Whole lotta love (left) and eternal sun (right)




Catch you later alligators!


Glamify Sg

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