Review: Sleek’s Ultra Matte Bright Palette from Luxola

Hi Glamifys,

Sleek’s original i-divine palette (previous post) was absolutely stunning. The only drawback was that the colours are pretty dark, neutral and shimmery. also carries Sleek’s Ultra Matte Palettes. One is pretty neutral tones whilst the other is a neon bright crazy pan of colours.


As you guessed it, I picked the bright palette. It cost SGD 20 and luxola is pretty decent when it comes to random sales and credit card offers. They might be slightly more expensive than other blogshops but at least you are guaranteed that the items are authentic. You don’t even need to top up for deliver since its free.



The palette was sort of a let down in some aspects. The colour payoff wasn’t fantastic like the original. For example, there was a light pink (floss), light grey (crete) and white (pow). The colour was translucent in my opinion. Even with a base, I could not get the colours to come off any stronger…. Very disappointed about that.


Ultra matte palette was pretty chalky in texture. When you swirl your brush in the colours, do expect quite a bit of fall out from the brush and also lots of loose dust on the palette. This is similar to eyeshadows from ELF.

Well, on the bright side, there are a few things right with this palette.

If you want to try crazy colours without forking out for bright yellow, orange and blue eyeshadows since you would only use them once or twice, then I guess this palette is a good buy. 12 colours for SGD 20. It is probably not fair to compare to MAC or Makeup Forever that cost twice as much for 1 colour since the colour payoff will be incredibly better.


Apart from the 3 colours I mentioned above, the other 9 colours are pretty decent. The colour payoff ( with plenty of layers and a good base – I cannot emphasize this more) is ok enough for me to use once in a while.



I reckon between the original I-divine and the ultra matte, they sit on the opposite poles for me. I cannot do without the i-divine and yet with the ultra matte, I have to consciously remind myself to use it so that I don’t waste it. Haha

I did some swatches for you.. Without base, with white base & with black base. Enjoy 🙂








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