Review: Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap (bar)

Hi Glamifys,

I have gone through so many makeup brush cleaners over the last few years and none has amazed me more than Make Up Store’s brush cleaning soap. It retails for SGD 21 and is usually out of stock. I have seen the store at City hall and Vivo City. Not sure where else they are located.



It is a bar soap in a plastic container. All you have to do is put water on the soap, wet your brush, swirl your brush in the soap, swirl the soapy brush in your palm to lather up then wash off the soap with tap water.

I expected the brushes to be clean but not THAT CLEAN… like it was ridiculous. If you own synthetic brushes like real techniques and there are white fibres, those white fibres will come out gleaming… * speechless* haha the last time I saw the brushes that clean was when I first opened it out of the box. Looks brand new..

My dirty brushes



Wet the brush & soap. Swirl it around


Lather up in your hand


wash the soap off with tap water and TADAH!! Clean Brushes!




** once you are done, run the soap under tap water to remove the makeup residue, strain the water and let it dry before snapping the case shut.

I also thought that I would have to wash it a few times and that the excessive cleaning would spoil my brushes To my surprise, the MUS bar soap did not dry out the bristles. * happiness!*

The only thing I have to caution those reading is that since the brush is so good, it strips out any artificial colouring that the brush may have.

For example, if you have brushes where the bristles are dyed pink, blue etc… the colour will run when you wash it with the MUS soap. This is because it strips everything out of the brush. So if you mind the colour running, then try other brush cleaners like MAC or MUFE or Shu Uemera etc…

I got a shock when I washed my goat hair MAC brushes.. They looked whitish as I recall when I purchased them. However, after the MUS soap, they look beige with slight brown ends. I realised that the brushes would have had some whitening agent which the MUS soap may have removed.

Personally, I think a clean, disinfected brush is more important than the colour. It also helps that I seldom purchase fancy coloured bristles haha

The best thing I like about the MUS soap besides that it cleans wonderfully, is that the process is so fast and easy. I used to take so long to clean the brush set… but now, I take one third of the time I used to take. 🙂

If you can still get your hands on this soap before it runs out, that would be great 🙂 I will purchase one more just in case haha



Glamify Sg

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