Review: Plenty of Mario Badescu products purchased from Luxola

Hi Glamifys,

I had always been a fan of Mario Badescu Skincare. Just as a background, MB products are suited for acne, pimple or problematic skin. Earlier last year, Sephora Singapore brought some of his line in as part of their skincare section. As much as I love the MB range, I had to think twice about buying them as they were pretty pricey.

When I saw Luxola carrying MB products, I was pretty hysterical. I wanted to buy every single one of them and I think after shopping over the last few weeks, I pretty much have most of what Luxola offers on their website. So be prepared! This post is going to be long! Haha :p

There were a few credit card/ black Friday promotions last month that ranged from 10-30% off and I purchased all the products in a few batches since I wanted to try a few at a time. I didn’t feel the need to purchase by bulk since Luxola delivers it free anyway and I wouldn’t have to be concerned with maximising my shipping or delivery charges (unlike most other beauty online stores). This way, you can try a few and see if you like it before buying more. Also, after using some of the products, your skin might get better. This would mean you could save money since you wouldn’t have a need for the rest of the items.

I currently use a cleansing oil/makeup remover by Shu Uemera and once I finish it, I would probably switch to MB’s eye makeup remover gel.

Here is my MB regime:

Wash my face twice a day with MB’s Acne Facial Cleanser. It has a gel texture which feels amazing. It does not dry the skin out yet it removes every bit of dirt, oil and grim on your face especially after a long day.


I really like the flip up/down nozzle that the bottles come with. It is so easy to just put a scotch tape over it and it will secure without making a mess in your travel bag. The cleanser cleans out and reaches the acne at the root. I love to massage it into the skin for a few minutes and let the product seep into the deeper layers of the skin.

After the facial cleanser, I put on MB’s Special Cucumber Lotion. It works like a toner; disinfects, tighten pores and dries up any other part of the acne which the cleanser did not manage to reach. This leaves my face feeling fresh and squeaky clean. You would need to put this on a cotton pad and wipe it on your face in circular motions.

If there are no active acne eruptions (doesn’t a pimple make you feel like you have a volcano on your face! :p), I would either use the herbal hydrating serum or the a.h.a. & ceramide moisturizer after I use the cucumber lotion. You could either use the serum or the moisturizer or both as you prefer.

I was extremely satisfied when Luxola gave samples with each purchase since I hit $50 or something like that. The samples are huge! It is pretty common to get cheap, tiny or even worse, samples in a small, thin tea bags. Barely enough for one use much less to sample and see if you like the product.


< See how crazy big the sample for the acne cleanser was… full size is 177ml sample size was 59 ml>


The smaller serum bottle on the extreme left and the moisturizer on the right were samples. I liked the serum and decided to purchase a full-sized bottle. The serum is also in a gel formula. It hydrates (I see my dry skin immediately being moisturized) and the best part is that it can be used in the eye area.

The moisturizer is great although not recommended for use around the eyes. The sample size is so big that I can probably use for a while before I consider getting the full size bottle. It is non-oily and also gives a nice plump feel to the skin.

If by any chance I do have an acne (which I have been getting quite a bit over the last few months due to changes in stress levels), I know exactly what to reach out for at night. I wash my face with the above cleanser and put on the lotion. Then I put on the buffering lotion (you have to shake this bottle) on the spots and then use a cotton bud to remove the pink sediment from the drying lotion (do not shake).


The drying lotion will dry up and form a crusty texture. You leave it on overnight and wash off in the morning. If you were to use the drying lotion on its own, you would probably find about 60% of the acne will either stop erupting or will dry up by morning. I noticed that for bigger or more painful acne, the drying lotion takes probably 2-3 days worth of application before it totally subsides.

As per the instruction, the buffering lotion is to be used before the drying cream or lotion. It was for the tougher, more stubborn acne. It worked so well that wherever there is acne, I would just put the buffering lotion first. Doesn’t matter if the acne was big or small since my skin would clear up very quickly within a few hours. ** Just note that the buffering lotion is very drying for the skin and should not be used too often. Try to leave 24 hours in between applications**

Besides the daily skin routine, I use MB’s silver powder once a week. The silver powder helps clean congested pores, blackheads and tightens them. You would need to wash your face with the cleanser, dip your damp cotton pad in the silver powder and put a thin layer of the wet powder on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wipe it off with the lotion (any astringent).

I noticed the effects of this product the following day. I have combination skin with very oily tzone. I would need to powder my face every few hours to keep away the shine. However, after the silver powder application, my face stayed matte for a longer period of time. The pores could be easily covered up too. This is one of my most favourite face treatment/mask since it is so effective.


Due to the previous acne breakouts, I have quite a few scars that are difficult to fade away. I decided to purchase the whitening mask and I would use it about 3-4 days apart from the silver powder application. The mask is a little oily even after rinsing off. I think the right word to describe this product is that it makes my skin looking more radiant rather than “white”. My scars have faded a little. For the darker scars, I am guessing that it would take at least a few more applications before a significant reduction could be seen.

For days that I want to use the whitening mask, I would wash my face with the cleanser. I would then use the mask and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it off with water and continue with the lotion. The lotion wipes off any oily residue that the mask leaves on your skin. The smaller, less obvious scars have completely faded away in 2 applications.

After putting on my foundation and powder to set the makeup, I dust on a thin layer of the special healing powder. Even though it heals acne and breakouts, the powder also helps with oily skin. I have to reapply my powder less frequently when I include the healing powder in my makeup routine. Absolutely in love with this. No wonder it keeps going out of stock.

** I went for a lunch-time facial and after the extraction, my skin was so red, blotchy, bruised, broken capillaries with a little bleeding from all that invasive pressure on the skin. I could not use my foundation powder to cover up the redness since it would only make the open wounds more irritated. So I was absolutely relieved when I applied the special healing powder and my skin was instantly better. The redness disappeared (good thing that the powder is tinted slightly greenish/yellowish! It cancels out the redness). The irritated skin calmed down and the pores that were affected felt less painful. This was a true post-facial saver**


One of the other samples I received was a very decently-sized bottle of facial spray. I use it after I am done with my makeup routine. In place of a setting spray, I use the facial spray with aloe herbs to set the makeup. (** Makeup tip: if you like to put on a lot of powder and do not want to look cakey or like you have stage makeup on, use a facial spray. The spray will blend all the makeup together giving it a more natural look**) I also use the spray mid-day when my skin is feeling tired or dry from the office air conditioning.

Even though some of the products like the drying lotion has a strong medical smell to it, I personally do not mind it since I know that MB products are filled with good quality and very effective ingredients. Mario Badescu (the man who created the brand) was after all a pharmacist to begin with. My skin has fewer breakouts nowadays and the occasional acne is easily managed and eliminated within a few days.

Hope you enjoyed the comprehensive summary of Mario Badescu! Happy Monday everyone!


Glamify Sg

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10 Comments on “Review: Plenty of Mario Badescu products purchased from Luxola”

  1. Hotally
    July 9, 2015 at 5:18 pm #

    you can get Mario badescu online at as well..


    • July 9, 2015 at 5:52 pm #

      Hotally, ur Mario badescu looks competitive. Any chance ur Anastasia would be going on sale ? 🙂


  2. Pei Ley
    July 9, 2015 at 12:31 pm #

    Hi, May I know Mario Badescu got store at Singapore?


    • July 9, 2015 at 4:22 pm #

      Hi dear, they don’t have a store. U can buy it off or you can head down to sephora ion as they have it too. I usually buy from luxola as its more affordable after all e discounts


  3. justanothergirl
    December 3, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

    Really thankful for your review! I’ve been using my dermatologist’s toner for a long while but it’s really expensive and I want to switch it up. I can’t wait to try to special cucumber lotion 🙂


    • December 3, 2013 at 6:11 pm #

      Hi dear,

      It’s a soothing toner that suits everyone.

      Hope you like it too 🙂

      Unless u have sensitive skin, you could try alpha h as well. Love how I wake the next day with pretty skin. Pretty amazing


  4. Adeline
    November 21, 2013 at 7:35 pm #

    Hi!! Thanks for the helpful post! I just purchased the Mario badescu hydrating serum and am so excited to try it! Could you share how much you use each time? the bottle is so small I don’t wanna use too much and end up wasting the precious product! Thank you!! 🙂


    • November 21, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

      Hi dear ,

      Great you found the post useful. Another brand you can look at is Alpha H. I have a few blogs on it so search in the main page for some reviews 😀

      I usually take about a pea size amount then dot it on the most driest parts of my face.

      After u spread it around, it would be pretty obvious where you need a little more serum. So you can just add more to where you need it 🙂

      The bottle is really small and I can totally understand. So use less first and build up as necessary :p




  5. Jan
    November 19, 2013 at 12:00 pm #

    Just bought $150 worth of Mario Badescu products from Luxola . Think they have done away with giving free samples. Did not receive any samples except a miserable packet of hair conditioner 😦


    • November 19, 2013 at 12:10 pm #

      Hi Jan,

      Yes that is such a bummer right??

      Well, some of my friends have received replies saying that the samples are while stocks last so it probably depends on your luck.

      When Luxola initially started, the samples and goodies were pretty good though 😦



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