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Hi Glamifys,

I recently purchased the Sleek’s Storm Palette from Luxola. As you all know I am in love with the original palette due to the colour payoff and its durability to hold up in humid weather. So I decided to purchase the Storm palette as well since it complements the original palette.. More on that later on. :p






So the original palette is fantastic and all but it only has one matte shade (black) and 1 highlighting shade (gold).

The storm palette had 3 matte shades (light brown which is similar to omega from MAC, dark brown and black).

There are 2-3 colours which you can also use as highlighters.

Below are pics from the lower layer of the palette. middle colour (light brown) is exactly the same as my skin colour so it has blended into nothingness. great for blending out harsh crease colours.



Ever since I received the storm palette, I find myself using both the original palette and the storm palette for their different strengths.

below are colours from the top layer of the palette.




I love the dark brown matte shade from storm to do my eyebrows. You can also mix it in with the black if you have darker eyebrows or you can mix it with the light brown to tone the colour down. You can even use the dark brown shade as an eyeliner if you think black is too harsh.

The highlighters from storm are lighter in shade compared to the gold in original. Storm also more neutral greyish, brownish, dark blue colours which is probably why its called STORM in the first place.. All the colours you would see in a stormy sky.

So for me, I would use the highlighters and eyebrow shades from the storm palette. Depending on the look I am going for, I may pick the more neutral colours from storm or the purples and greens from original. Given that the consistency of the eyeshadows are similar in both palettes, they blend really well together. Absolutely loves!

The pigmentation is amazing just like the original. The colour translates on your skin exactly as what you see in the pan. The price is SGD 20 on I am definitely loving the price as the palette’s quality is value for money.

It is so popular that the sleek palettes keep running out of stock.. So do grab them once they are available.

* I am hoping to purchase the bad girl next…. Waiting and waiting 🙂 *

Happy Monday!


Glamify Sg

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