Quick Tip: Essential brushes for your travel kit

Hi Glamifys,

Happy Holidays! Just wanted to share some of the essential brushes you may need to carry around if you would like to apply/touch up your makeup.

1. Powder/blush brush

If you are on the go, just apply your liquid foundation with your fingers. Saves you from carrying an extra brush which might get extra messy since it was used to apply cream/liquid products.

My recommendation is to get a retractable brush which is big enough to apply powder all over your face and yet it is small enough for contour. (you could also flatten a big brush with your fingers to give it a smaller surface area for contour/blush.

The best so far is from sephora.. retractable blush brush. it is lightweight and small to carry around. I use this to apply powder foundation/ contour/ bronzer and blush.

2. Eye shader brush

This is a flat, dense bristle brush. it is meant to pack on colour onto your eyelids. I can do an entire look with 1 brush since the brush has 2 sides (meaning you can use 2 colours). Also, if you apply the lightest shade first, you can dip the same side of the brush into the darker colours. Thereby, saving you a tonne of brushes. You can also use it perpendicular to your eyes to smudge out your eyeliner.

My recommendation is MAC 239. Can be used for all cream/liquid/powder eyeshadows.

3. Highlighting brush (optional)

If you are like me and need to tie the makeup together with highlighter, then you may want to consider getting the MAC 227 brush or something similar. It is like an eye shader brush with a tapered fan shape yet it is extremely big.

It does a fantastic job at highlighting under your eyebrows and on your cheekbones. Also, I use this to blend out my eyeshadow. Especially the harsh line between the shadow on the lid and the highlight below the brow. Another neat trick is that if you would like to thin out the shape of your nose, you can use the 227 dip in matte brown eyeshadow and contour the sides of your nose.

4. Eyeliner/brow brush (optional)

Some may find that using a MAC 239 with black eyeliner is sufficient to define the eye lash. However, if you would like to do a cat eye, you would need to get an angled eyeliner/brow brush. I would use a clean brush to do my eyebrows with brown first. Then swipe it on a clean tissue ready for the next colour. I would then dip it into black and continue lining my eyes.

5. Spoolie (optional)

I usually prefer to just use my eyebrow pencil rather than a brown eyeshadow. So it is crucial for me to have a spoolie to blend out the pencil lines to make the eyebrows more natural. Also, you can comb your lashes with a clean spoolie before applying mascara to wipe away any eyeshadows that my have fallen onto your lashes.

From Left to Right: Spoolie, Angled eyebrow/eyeliner brush, MAC 227, MAC 239 and Retractable Sephora blush brush.


Wishing you a blessed 2013.


Glamify Sg

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