Review: K Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eye Pencil 24 hr

Dear Glamifys,

As you all know, one of my favourite brush pen liners is the one from K Palette 1 day tattoo reviewed here :

Watson’s was having a sale for the pencil version which RRP at SGD 19.90 and after a $2 discount, I paid SGD 17.90 for it.



While I love the pen version, it is absolutely not safe for the waterline. It has a similar consistency to liquid liner and will not set and stay in the waterline.


So when I came across the retractable eyeliner pencil version, I was excited!

To see which eyeliner type is suitable for you, click here:

I read on the packaging that it is not safe for the waterline. However, I wanted to take a risk with it. This is different for everyone since most MAC eyeliners with shimmer are not safe as well yet many are able to tolerate the product without getting sensitive eyes etc.


The pencil glided on easily and with great pigmentation. Very very black. My eyes did not react negatively to it when I applied it on the waterline so that’s good news for me :p

From Top left to bottom right: K palette pen (thick and thin line), K palette eyeliner pencil , Technakohl by MAC in Graphblack


Most glossy and most black?
First: K palette pen
Second: K palette pencil
Third: MAC Graphblack

First: Graphblack (thickest)
Second: K Palette pencil (slightly thinner than MAC)
Third: K Palette pen (thinnest, finest)

Safe for waterline?
First: Graphblack (safest since its kohl)
Second: K Palette pencil (depends on individual but not recommended by seller)
Third: K Palette pen (definitely not recommended)

Pass Rub Test?
First: K palette pen (smudge proof, waterproof. Very difficult to rub off)
Second: K palette pencil (smudge proof, waterproof. With some effort, it will rub off)
Third: MAC Graphblack (easiest to rub off. Not smudge proof or waterproof. Once it sets, it stays on for quite a long time)


Just for fun: you get about 2.5cm of product in the pen.


Hope you found the review helpful 🙂


Glamify Sg

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