Review: Hot Pink Original and Feline Compact Tangle Teezer from

Dear Glamifys,

I am so excited to review the Tangle Teezer! I first saw it on It was less than SGD 20 when it was released on the first day. However, the second day when I was ready to purchase them, the price went up by almost 50%. I guess it was a special price for the launch of TT.

It is made in UK in case you are wondering :p



Anyways, I googled and found that also had TT. Shipping was also free worldwide (except for a few listed countries).


Since the free shipping to Singapore was not trackable, I decided to buy 2 TT first. Just in case my shipment gets lost or something which I am thankful that it didn’t!

FYI no guarantee that your shipment will not be lost since the free shipping is for basic mail services. Trackable shipping cost a bomb.

** FYI, no paypal too. You would just need to enter your credit card details directly to **
Another bummer. I guess that is what you get for paying slightly cheaper. Although may be slightly pricier, but they make it up in service. I get my purchases within 24 working hours, plus paypal in case you are paranoid, plus you actually can earn credits with them. I purchased another TT in purple glitter from Luxola a week after receiving my beauty bay package since my family loved it so much and wanted it by the following day. As usual, Luxola delivered. 🙂



Here is the price list just in case you are wondering:

From Beauty Bay (shipping took about 15 calendar days to Singapore)

**Note that prices might fluctuate due to exchange rate

Original hot pink : SGD $16.34
Feline compact : SGD $20.07

I also topped up SGD $2.81 for the premier service which means your order gets shipped out within 24 hours and you get deluxe samples (didn’t take a picture.. But I got a really decent sample size of Mario Badescu toner and a hair detangler spray from Schwarzkopf.)

If you can’t wait so long, you can get it Luxola. Delivery is usually between 48 hours. You could either use your Luxola credits or the current credit card discounts to make the TT more affordable.

Original hot pink: SGD $ 26.90
Compact (different designs) : SGD $34.90

*Luxola carries newer designs like the sheep and purple glitter*

What I really like about the TT is that it can be used on wet or dry hair. My hair is usually very tangled up after shower even though I use conditioner. I have been using the Kent detangler brush (see review here : )

Kent worked pretty well for me. However, the TT was effortless. No tugging or pulling. Minimal hair breakage or loss. Kent had a long handle which I am used to. As much as TT is bulky, it has a comfortable hold as you brush.


Tried the TT on 3 types of hair just to see if it works for all. My mum has medium volume coarse shoulder length curly hair that is chemically damaged. My sister has short very thick voluminous wavy hair which is difficult to comb through. I have long straight chemically damaged hair.

I am happy to report that TT worked wonders on all 3 hair types.




The only downside is that it is bulky. If you are leaving it at home, then I guess it is a great tool to have.

Purchased the compact styler thinking that it would fit my purse. Low and behold, it was bulky too. Not as bulky as the original hot pink though. One difference between the original and compact is that the compact styler came with a protective cap to keep the silicone/plastic bristles in place while the original didn’t have any cover.






I left the compact in my office to brush out my mane whenever needed.

**TIP: TT is great for spreading hair products. It also de-frizzes my hair to a great extent as if redistributes the oils from the scalp down to the tips of the hair. If you love ponytails, the compact works great at keeping the hair slick.**

I give the TT a major thumbs up!!!

** disclaimer: TT cannot be used with heat. It says so on the box :p

Take care!


Glamify Sg

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  1. June 24, 2013 at 8:23 pm #

    Hi! I just ordered from BB recently, would like to know how long it took for ur order to arrive? Thanks!:)


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