Guest Review by themakeupfanatik : Essence Cosmetics

Hi Glamifys,

The other day my glam buddy raved about the uber fantastic staying power of Essence Longlasting Eyeshadow creams, and I knew I just had to get my hands on some.


Off I went in search of it and ended up at Watson’s Bugis Junction.

Lo and behold, instead of bargain bins, I found a whole display! I was like a cat, high on catnip, and spent almost an hour going through their stuff.

What I came away with finally – were their eyeliners which came in bright pops of colours!

Longlasting Eye Pencil S$4.40 each


Kajal Pencil S$2.30 each


I bought for myself Tu-Tu-Tourqoise and Coolest Chick from the Longlasting range and Scream Green from the Kajal range:


The Longlasting pencils really do set in almost immediately, and even with rubbing, is hard to come off.  That makes it great for, say clubbing nights or days where you need long-wearing makeup! It has a shimmery effect and the colours’ vibrance really do stand out.

As for the Kajal, it is extremely soft and pliable – hence I’d recommend to use a pencil brush (Sigma’s E30 or any other stiff angled brush) to apply. Be gentle when using this and if you find that it is too soft, you could stick it in the fridge to harden it a little before use.

Next, I was attracted to their lipliner range as they have this colour which looked so delectable on it’s own.

Lipliner S$2.30


I purchased Hot Chocolate (yes the name was a minor key factor but the colour is gorge!) and Femme Fatale which I realise is not yet uploaded to their website on so it must be one of their latest colours!


Femme Fatale was just a “to-die-for” red, and applied on smoothly, whereas Hot Chocolate was best applied with a lip brush due to its softer texture.

I also purchased on whim, one of their gorgeous lip glosses!

XXXL Shine Lipgloss S$4.00 each


I went and got the gloss in Nude Kiss and it is divine!

Overall, I’d say for the super affordable price, you can get an acceptable quality of makeup, and to top it off, a good range of bright, vibrant colours!


The Makeup Fanatik

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