Review/ Swatches / Haul : Concrete Minerals including Sugar Skull & Eye Primer

Hi Glamifys,

I have been purchasing Concrete Minerals after my first purchase of Zombie Girl ( review here : )

Here is an eye look using Zombie Girl’s collection 🙂

For more details, here is the official website that provides free international shipping above USD 50.

First off, I would like to state that all items, unless otherwise stated, was purchased by me 😛

This eye primer have lots of beauty followers preferring over Urban Decay Primer Potion, retails at USD 11. It comes in a flesh tone cream that turns to powder once it sets. The primer is not absolutely matte and has a tiny sheen to it. Absolutely love this primer as it holds up so well in our humid and wet weather. The tin packaging is initially difficult to open but slowly pry it out for the first time and it will definitely be easier after that. I would have to agree that it is better than UDPP … and it sucks since i just bought a new tube of UDPP before the CM primer came in the mailbox.


I also purchased some eyeshadows which are gorgeous!!! As with all the shimmery eye shadows (black caps), my camera will not do any justice to the beautiful shimmer and reflexes in the shadows. If you haven’t owned a CM eyeshadow or just a beginner to makeup, try the shimmery mineral shadows since they are so forgiving and blends so easily. The color payoff is jaw dropping.. Seriously better than expensive eyeshadows from Dior, MAC, Lancome etc. Now that’s what I call Quality!

For shimmer mineral eyeshadows, it retails for USD 7 per pot or USD 48 for 8 pots.

Below are pictures of Swamped, Temptress, Detox and Zealous.




Apart from the blue/green range above, I bought some of the purplish/reddish/pinking range ie. SMUT, JEZEBEL, ARSENIC (duo chrome) and BRAT. 20130521-171346.jpg


Emily (the owner for CM) was nice enough to include 2 sample shadows (Ruse and Hustle). Ruse is so so so pretty , more like a bronzy gold which would look great on asian eyes.



As part of a Youtube/Blogger trial package, CM offers a special deal of either USD 15 for 4 mineral eyeshadows or USD 18 for 4 Pro matte eyeshadows. Pro matte usually retails for USD 8 per pot or USD 56 for 8 pot.

They are extremely pigmented and what i like most about the pro matte is its vibrancy and solid color payoff. It isn’t chalky or has excessive fall out as well. Absolutely matte which such a wonderful array of colors.

I purchased 4 pro matte – Gossip, Toxic, Bulletproof & Bruise20130521-171407.jpg


Having loved the Zombie Girl Set, i decided to purchase the Sugar Skull collection as well. This is CM’s latest box set and the colors cannot be found in their regular mineral eyeshadow selection. This set retails at USD 36. Just look at the packaging! like OMG!!


From Bottom Left to Top Right: Altar of Roses, Sweet Catrina, Viva Los Muertos. Although a skull wouldn’t necessarily bring pretty pinks and reds into mind, but the sugar skull (it is a Mexican celebration –> so says my friend, Google) is colorful and girly. 😛


I love all the 6 colors that came with the sugar skull collection as the colors are complementary yet different in their special ways. mix & match and experiment.. That’s what this collection screams!


CM does have a disclaimer that some of the pigments may stain the skin which is why a primer and a good makeup remover is needed. The rest of the colors did not stain my skin except for the 3 reds/pinks from the sugar skull as seen below.


In the previous shipment, i regretted not purchasing NAPALM and i am happy that i got it in the latest shipment. 🙂 Such a wearable orange. excited to try this color!~~!!!


Feel free to drop me a message for more information or queries 😛


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3 Comments on “Review/ Swatches / Haul : Concrete Minerals including Sugar Skull & Eye Primer”

  1. Sam
    April 6, 2018 at 10:20 pm #

    The products look amazing, im currently waiting for my order to arrive 🎉🎉 about the sugar skull, it is literally a skull shaped candy made of sugar and we used it to decorate (and sometimes we eat it) during día de muertos/day of the dead


    • April 6, 2018 at 10:55 pm #

      Yes dear. So amazing. I hope you like the makeup too!!


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