Review: MAC collections (Fashion Sets, All About Orange, Temperature Rising)

Hi Glamifys,

Happy June Holidays!

Recently came back from Bangkok and while I was there, a few MAC collections were launched.

Fashion sets were pretty fun collection. For those who love to match the colour of their makeup to their nails, Fashion sets have bundled up complementary colours for your convenience.


All about Orange was one of the more talked about collections for this season. Different shades of Oranges ranging from the more neutral to the bolder looks. This collection consist of lip gloss, lipsticks, nail polish and blushers. I personally prefer pinks over oranges so gave this collection a miss.


The other collection that created a buzz was the Temperature Rising series. The main focus of this collection was the bronze goddess look. Just by looking at the editorial and poster, you can guess that it is all about the TANner the Better.


This collection came with 4 Bronzers/highlighters, 2 liquid Bronzers, brush, 4 lip gloss, 4 lip stick, 2 nail polish, 2 eyeshadow quads and 4 long lasting eye sticks.

I purchased the Dazzle lipstick in Caliente. It is such a gorgeous colour and as much as I did not want to buy another lip product, I just had to.



It was so unique. I have never come across such a pretty purple/maroon with bronze glitter. It gives so much dimension to the lips. In certain lights, the lips look a deep dark purply red. In some lights, the lips just look like pure molten bronze. GORGEOUS!!!!! The lipstick is dark so you may want to use a lighter lipstick as a base first to lighten the overall look.

The lipstick felt moisturizing and the glitter was too fine for me to feel on my lips. Plus the packaging was so classy. Simple bronze tube instead of the regular black MAC tubes.


Here are some swatches:







Bare Lips:



With Caliente:




Another product I purchased was their Powerchrome Eye pencil in Polished Jet.



**Sidenote: I have been using the Sephora jumbo pencils for the last few years and those are a staple in my makeup bag. They do not crease, budge, melt in our heat. Yes, they are the best and at $17 per pencil, nothing much you can complain about. (I introduced the sephora pencils to a few friends and they too rave about it as one of the best makeup products ever)**


Given that the MAC MUA kept telling me how their Powerchrome pencils were very long lasting, I was expecting it to be as perfect as the Sephora pencils. When I applied Polished Jet, I left it for about 1 minute to set. I then rubbed it to see if it came out. It did stay on for most of it. But it sure cant beat Sephora pencils.



At about SGD 30 ++ (due to Baht exchange rate), I decided to only purchase 1 pencil.

From left to right: Sephora black glitter, MAC Polished Jet, Sephora grey




Just keep in mind that the pencils (both Sephora & MAC) require sharpeners with the larger hole) :p

Hope all of you have a great day ahead!!


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