Review: Maybelline Fashion Brow Mascara vs Joey Healy Clear Brow Structure

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It has been awhile since I last blogged and hope that all of you are well 😛

I had gone by Guardian today and saw that Maybelline has released their Fashion Brow Mascara (RRP : SGD 13.90)


They currently come in 2 colors, Rusty Brown and Dark Brown.

For those who prefer a reddish-brick brown, pick the Rusty Brown Brow Mascara. For those who prefer to have a dark brown (no red in it), pick Dark Brown Brow Mascara.




The brush also makes it easy to apply and build volume to the brow with its rounded tip.


Top: Dark Brown

Bottom: Rusty Brown



For the price of this product, I think it does a fantastic job at keeping your brows in place and tinting them a solid color. It is extremely pigmented so apply a little at a time. Start off with a small amount and build it up as you please.

This is great for those who find that their eyebrows have multiple shades and would prefer one uniform color.

For example, my natural eyebrow color is black. However, I dyed my hair a medium brown. I have been using the Cyber colors eyebrow pencil in 05- dark brown.

Read review here : )

Parts of my eyebrow that has natural thicker hair is blacker than the other parts which are more sparse and have been filled in with the eyebrow pencil. In order for my eyebrow to look like it’s naturally full, I have to use an eyebrow tint to blend both the black and brown together.

I am currently using the Joey Healy Brow structure clear set (clear brow gel) to blend the colors together and also to hold my brows in place.

Even though the JH is doesn’t give a flawless color match like the Maybelline since it is clear, JH still wins hands down when it comes to holding the eyebrow in place through all the sweat and heat of Singapore.

JH Review here :

To maximize the benefits of each product, I use the Cyber colors pencil to fill in my brows, apply a thin coat of Maybelline Fashion Brow to achieve a more blended look and then apply Joey Healy Clear Gel to set everything in place.

Yes, this sounds like a lot of work but I assure it is not. All the products are convenient to use and the only possible time consuming part of getting your eyebrows done is filling them in to your desired shape.. Accuracy and steady hands are required hehehe

Have a great weekend ahead!!!


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