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Hi Glamifys,

Hope your Thursday is going great!

Last couple of weeks, had a promotion whereby for purchases above SGD 40, they will throw in a free gift which was the Sleek Au Naturel Palette.

I jumped at the chance and purchased the Candy and Showstoppers Palette. All Sleek Palettes at Luxola are SGD 20 each and since I hit the minimum amount of SGD 40, I got the Au Naturel too


First Up: The much anticipated Candy Palette.




What I love about this palette is the bright colorful range of shadows. There are pinks, corals, blues, greens, purples and white in matte, shimmer or satin finish.

The color payoff is pretty amazing too. The swatches are accurate to the color in the pan and I must say that whilst there is fall-out from the shadows, patting the shadows on your lid helps reduce this issue tremendously.

Top Row (Left to Right): Strawberry Sherbet, Bon Bon, Parma Violet, Apple Sour, Pear Drop, Flump

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Liqourice, Blue Fizzle, Aniseed, Bubble Gum, Mint Cream, Cream Soda



Here is a video of me doing a quick eyeshadow tutorial using the Candy Palette.

Would I recommend this: Yes, absolutely. The price, quality and flexibility to take this palette from day to night makes it such a bargain steal.

The other palette I bought was: Showstoppers



This palette is made up of all the favorite colors from other Sleek Palettes. The colors in the Showstopper palette are named after the original palette that they appeared in before.


Whilst the Showstoppers is not as colorful or bright as the Candy palette, Showstoppers is a go-to palette for my day to day use. There is a good mix of day and night shades and the color payoff is great too.

This is such a handy palette to bring around since you’ve got the best of the best in your hands.

Top Row (Left to Right): Paraguaya, Sunset, “Me, Myself & Eye”, Bad Girl, Noir, Ultra Mattes V2

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Oh So Special, Bohemian, Storm, Sparkle, Au Natural, Graphite



For those who prefer a more toned down palette or beginners who are still experimenting with makeup and want a wearable look, this would be the palette of your choice.

Would I recommend this: Yes, very much so. As the colors are more neutral and dark, this is a great palette to warm up any look.

The gift with my purchase: Au Naturel Palette (a good alternative to the expensive Naked Palettes)



Although I own the Naked Palettes and probably use them from time to time (I do like bright colors! 😀 ), I reckon the Naked are pretty pricey investments.

For SGD 90 (approx.) a palette, this may feel like quite a lot of money especially for a palette that is basically variations of your skin tone. (Yes yes.. I may be stepping on some Naked Fans’ toes here… but seriously… not everyone would be willing to part with that amount of money for a brown-ish collection).

The Au Naturel is a great alternative since there are matte and shimmery colors of different shades of brown, black, beige.


Although the Naked seems to have slightly better color payoff, the difference is negligible after patting a 2 layers of the Au Naturel.

Top Row (Left to Right): Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Taupe

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal Noir



As my love for bolder colors steer my daily makeup looks, I mostly use the Au Naturel to either highlight, blend out the harsh lines or darker the lashes/outer v area/crease.

Find a color similar to your skin tone and use it to blend the harsh lines of a bold eyeshadow. Not only does this step help cut down your blending time in half, but also the blended shadows will look less muddy. Saves the number of clean blending brushes you will need to use too!

Would I recommend this: Yes and No…. No because bright color lovers may find this palette a little “boring”. But Yes because many neutral lovers would find this very cost effective alternative! Plus it’s a palette that would complement the other palettes you already own. 😛

Friday is just a few hours away! And I am so looking forward to the weekend 😛

Have a good one Glamifys!


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