Review: MAC’s Lightful Compact Foundation

Hi Glamifys,

Went by Sephora Ion to pick up some stuff from the cheerful MAC mua, Cynthia, yesterday and was recommended a foundation that was suitable for my skin condition.

I have been using various foundation/compact powders like the Bobbi brown sheer finish powder ( review here : ) , bourjois healthy balance powder ( review here : ) , sephora 8hr wear powder (review here: ) , MAC’s blot powder, select sheer powder & studio fix powder.

As most of my powders have hit pan, I was asking Cynthia to recommend me a powder keeping the following in mind:

– my skin is very oily in the t-zone , dry on the sides
– I have acne pimple scars to help conceal ( so medium coverage would be ideal)
– I don’t have time to retouch too often
– I want a powder that is flexible to use as a sheer setting powder & to use it on its own like a powder foundation
– my skin oxidizes very quickly due to excessive sebum

With that in mind, I updated her on the rest of my foundations. My skin has changed tremendously through the months due to medications etc. So here are my current thoughts on how each foundation suit me now.

Bobbi Brown : perfect medium coverage, great for oily skin, does not oxidize quickly but requires touch up about 4 times a day. It is also about SGD 60 per compact

Bourjois : affordable, perfect medium coverage, great for combination skin, oxidizes faster than Bobbi Brown and requires about 6-8 touch ups daily.

Sephora : affordable, light coverage, buildable but can look slightly cakey as it oxidizes. Great for oily skin. Settles into fine lines and have to be blended out well.

MAC blot powder: too sheer, good as a setting powder, cannot be use as a foundation on its own. Great for combination skin. Keeps face matte. Touch ups are frequent as powder is light.

MAC select sheer: light coverage. Great as a setting powder but is able to be used as a foundation on its own only on good skin days or when you want your natural skin to peep through. Face is matte and touch up is every couple of hours.

MAC studio fix: medium to high coverage. Cannot be used to set liquid foundation as it looks cakey and will rest on fine lines. Oxidizes quickly but does not frequent touch ups.

Cynthia then suggested I tried the lightful series due to the following reasons:

– it is medium coverage which gives me flexibility to use it as a setting powder or a compact foundation.
– does not settle into fine lines
– works long term at making the skin tone even
– skin care + makeup in one
– good for combination and oily skin
– light powder texture and does not cake up
– helps to control sebum production and oxidization
– best used with a primer to give added shine control
– has SPF 25 in it
– you only need a small amount of powder to last a long time throughout the day
– the powder case is SGD 17 but the powder refill is SGD 65
– each refill comes with a sponge and is hygienically packed in a plastic container

Below is the refill







The color range is slightly different to the rest of the powders. So please get yourself matched at the counter. For studio fix, I am using nc 30. For lightful , I am using nc42.

Apart from the refill being in a plastic packaging, the refill also has the details indicated at the bottom of the pan for easy reference.

The case below is magnetic and the pan fits perfectly into the slot. You do not need to stick the refill to the case using glue or tape. The magnet is very strong and you are able to flip the case upside down without the pan falling out.

A small pin hole is added for you to poke if you would like to remove the pan once it is finished.









The sponge fits into the bottom compartment of the case.

The powder is super fine and blends extremely easily into the skin.

While it does not totally cover up my scars, it provides enough coverage for my comfort.

I prefer to use a primer, spot concealing With a cream concealer then finish off with the lightfully compact foundation. I buff the foundation in just as I would with a mineral foundation.



I instantly saw a big difference in skin tone as lightfully evened it out pretty well.

The wrinkles on my nose have also disappeared as the powder did not settle into the fine lines and exaggerated the crinkles in the skin. Instead, the powder sat smoothly on top of the skin to give a nice canvas for contour and highlight.

My face stayed matte for at least 4 hours without requiring a touch up. Face did not look cakey as well as the powder barely oxidized with my skin.

Although it is expensive, I reckon this is a good foundation powder to carry around. Happy with my purchase 😛


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