Review: new from benefit stay flawless 15 hour primer

Dear Glamifys,

I would like to wish all Muslim readers a Selamat Hari Raya!

Sephora suntec city recently opened and I headed down there to explore.

Members were given free gifts and they even had a token claw machine!



Benefit has been advertising the new launch of their face primer for a few weeks now and me, being the usual makeup junkie, just had to try it out!

And Oh MY GOD! This is just a crazy primer.

It retails for SGD 50.


So before I show more pics, let me just explain how to use it.

Basically, it’s a cream stick that blends effortlessly into the skin. It is almost translucent and does not leave a white cast on the skin. Therefore, it suits all skin tones.

The product dries out very quickly according to the benefit sales lady. So remember to cap the cream part at all times. Do not throw away the small cap that comes with it.


Also, the sales lady specifically told me to do the primer and foundation in parts. The primer sets very quickly on your face. So you could apply primer on the forehead then quickly apply foundation. Then apply primer on the cheek and etc. small parts so that it would last 15 hours as claimed.





It comes in a super durable, cute and handy packaging. Small enough for travel.



It is roughly about an inch and a half of product and about the size of a 50 cent Singapore coin.


Blends effortlessly into any skin tone.

I experimented with this primer and used it on my eyes. Absolutely love it. The eyeshadow goes on smoothly and so intensely. Just plain * jaw dropping* wow!

The top is without a primer. You can see that the color goes on patchy and slightly translucent.

The bottom is with the primer. It goes on intense and very true to the color in the pan. I did not have to pack on the color thus saving product!


I love how sticky the primer is yet the makeup does not crease.

Such a great buy due to its versatility. Use it all over your face and eyes 🙂 the staying power in our humid weather is probably not 15 hours but a good 8-10 hours is easy to achieve.

Once more, selamat hari raya to all my readers and to all, happy holidays!


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