Updated with swatches : How to make a palette from pigments

Hi Glamifys!

*** update: have included swatches at the end of the post for concrete minerals 🙂 **

I am sure some of you have the same problem as me when it comes to dealing with pigments?? You know what I am talking about right!

The mess! Powder everywhere! Fallout and that hated careless spillage!

Plus each powder is in a jar and it is less convenient to open up each jar carefully for every use!

Not to mention, some of us prefer intense payoff with minimal fallout so we wet out brushes either with water or mixing mediums like glycerin.

And you probably wondered how are you suppose to make a palette out of pigments?? Read on especially if you are beginner to find out how!

Yes ! It’s that simple. Anyone can follow this tutorial. No heat. No pressing of shadows. Just simple everyday items that are cheap and easy to find.


Just a pretty palette with compacted pigments that remind you of an eyeshadow pan. No mess! And so accessible 🙂

I used all concrete minerals pigments.



What you will need:

1. Paper towel just to line the work surface

2. Your pigment ( duh! ) :p

3. Plastic organizer for beads or pill box. Just make sure that the separators are permanently molded into the organizer as you want to prevent leakage between colors.

4. Any scooper. I just used the end of a manicure tool I.e. cuticle pusher. Seriously. Even a toothpick will do if you can’t find anything. The back of a teaspoon will do just fine.

5. Toothpick to mix the pigment and alcohol all up

6. Medical grade alcohol that’s at least 91% ( yes! Medical grade! Not the one you find in your fridge for your happy days! 😀 ) I found mind at guardian Bugis for less than SGD 5. Plus! its 95% alcohol


Step 1: sanitize the organizer with alcohol

Step 2: carefully unscrew the pigment container

Step 3: use the scooper and carefully scrap off whatever pigment is above the sifter.

Step 4: gently remove the sifter layer. Run your finger nails around and slowly wiggle it out.

Step 5: place the sifter lid into the cap


Step 6: use the scooper and carefully transfer the contents into the organizer


Be sure to scrap off the sides and tap until everything comes out


Step 7: place the sifter layer back onto the empty jar


Step 8: scrap off whatever is on the lid

**** since Emily from concrete minerals is so nice, she included a few samples for me in small ziplock bags. I simply squirted the alcohol into the bags and shake it to stir everything up. Then i just poured out the contents into the organizer


***** lets continue with the jar *******

Step 9: you continue until the organizer is full of powder pigments
Look at how gorgeous concrete minerals are! Good job Emily! ( Emily deLapp owns concrete minerals by the way 😀 )





Step 10: pour the alcohol into all the containers and make sure the pigments are fully submerged. Add more alcohol so that the palette looks neat once the alcohol evaporates. This is because the more alcohol there is, the more diluted the suspension is. Therefore, gravity will help us ! The pigments will rest nicely at the bottom and it will also form a smooth flat top 🙂




Step 11: use the toothpick and gently mix up the pigment and the alcohol for each color. Try not to mess up the sides of the organizer. Try to save toothpicks by wiping them off after each use. Also planning from lighter to darker colors helps 😡


Step 12: rest the organizer on a flat surface so that the alcohol can evaporate. Please air dry overnight in a well ventilate room rather than use a hair dryer or etc.

When you wake up tomorrow, you have a gorgeous palette!

Look at how intense the swatches are! 🙂 I’m in love !!!!! ❤













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