Review: Furless Brushes from Australia

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It has been awhile and hope that all of you are doing great!

Extremely excited to receive my haul from Furless Australia this morning :D. I had washed the brushes and tested it once dried. (Color of brushes did not run when I washed it with brush soap!!!! Yippie ! ) no shedding too :p

Be prepared for a long post with lots of pictures!

Whilst many of you are aware, the makeup industry has a darker side.

The cruelty animals have to go through in laboratories while lab techs test cosmetics on them before it is mass produced for us and not to mention the horror stories of brushes being made of exotic animals that have been brutally treated for their fur.

No animal should have to go through that pain and there are many videos online to see what truly happens behind the scenes. I do my best to support great causes such as animal cruelty free and non animal tested brands.

From sugarpill to concrete minerals to real techniques and a new exciting find, FURLESS BRUSHES!

I purchased the purple power makeup brush set SET16 and a few individual brushes to try out.

The international shipping is a flat fee of AUD 12.50 for orders under 500g and is not trackable. Furless packed it neatly in a bubble wrapped brown envelope.


The brush set was wrapped in zebra paper. Cute!


Each brush is individually wrapped with plastic.


The purple power brush set retails for AUD 49.95 and has 8 brushes.


Brush 1: lip brush

It’s a 2 piece handy brush that fits your handbag for easy travel. I like that lipstick applies easily and precisely due to its stiffer, more tapered make.


For comparison, body shop lip brush ( left) , furless ( center) , sigma lip L-05 (right)


Brush 2: angled liner brush

This is extremely soft and glides easily over the eyelid to give a smooth line. The gel liner easily washes off this brush as well due to its synthetic bristles.


For comparison, body shop slanted brush ( extremely left) , real techniques brow brush ( left) , furless (left center), Mac 266 ( right center) , sephora angled liner 15 (right) , ecotools angled liner (extreme right)



Brush 3: small eyeshadow / concealer brush

I like this better as a cream eyeshadow brush. It works well when patting the powder eyeshadow on since there is little fall out due to the crimped bristles.

For concealer, it’s great to place the cream in the corners of the eyes and any precise small corner. Use fingers to blend.


For comparison, real techniques detailed brush ( left) , furless (center), Mac 194 (right)


Brush 4: fluffy eyeshadow brush

Works great with powder and cream as well. Flat enough to pat eyeshadow on as well as fluffy enough to blend.


For comparison, real techniques medium shader ( left) , furless (center), Mac 239 ( right)


Brush 5: angled fluffy eyeshadow brush

Soft and great for blending in the crease


For comparison, Mac 275 angled ( left) , furless (right)


Brush 6: foundation brush

Big paddle shaped brush that covers the face quickly in just a few strokes.


For comparison, sigma f60 (top), furless (middle) , ecotools ( bottom)



Brush 7: large powder brush

Big and dusts powder all over the face without moving the makeup underneath.


For comparison, real technique powder brush ( extreme left), sigma large powder f20 ( left), furless (center), Mac 129 (right), random brush equal to ecotools (extreme right)




Brush 8: angled contour brush

Great for contour as it is precise for placement under the cheek bones


For comparison, Mac 168 (top) , furless (bottom)

I think this is such a nice set for any girl to own. You have everything you need in 1 zipper bag. Good for traveling too as the brushes are versatile and wash off easily with baby shampoo.

Now on to the individual brushes.



Brush 9: perfectly pink stubby eye brush PPE2 for AUD 9.

Love this! Especially for loose pigments that crease a mess on the face


In comparison to sigma short shader e20 ( right), furless (center), sephora smudge 14 (left)


Brush 10: professional 5m fan brush AUD 12.95

I’ve been looking for a great thick fan brush and I found it! Amazing!!!! Best brush for contour ever!


In comparison to the regular skinny fan brushes


Brush 11: professional buffer brush PRO4F at AUD 14.95

This buffs mineral foundation like a dream. It also helps smooth out liquid or cream foundation to achieve minimized pores


In comparison to sigma flat kabuki f80 (left), furless , real techniques buffing (right) and everyday minerals flat bigger (extreme right)


Brush 12: professional pointed blending brush PRO1M at AUD 11.95

Love how pointy this brush is. Suitable for cut crease looks


In comparison to Mac 224 (left), furless and urban decay crease (right)


The reason that furless is able to hold powder products so well is because the bristles are crimped.


Thumbs up for furless!


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2 Comments on “Review: Furless Brushes from Australia”

  1. Fiona
    April 25, 2014 at 8:19 am #

    Really brilliant and very helpful review, Thank you! 🙂 I’m waiting for mine to arrive from Australia (ordered them last week). I’m even more excited about their arrival now after reading your very comprehensive review :D.
    Thanks and well done.


    • April 25, 2014 at 8:20 am #

      Thanks dear. You would be extremely happy with the purchase 🙂 hope you like them as much as I do !


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