How to: depot eyeshadows easily, safely without heat

Hi Glamifys,

There are a few ways to depot your eyeshadows and some can be really dangerous.

The usual ways you see on YouTube would be using some form of heat. Be it an open flame or an flat iron to melt the plastic palettes. This few ways can be extremely detrimental to your health as the melted plastic releases toxic fumes which you may not be aware off.

Other ways include using a sharp tool to pry the pans out of the palettes and these methods, if not used with caution, can cause plenty of accidents. Not to mention the amount of eyes shadows cracking and breaking as a result of the prying.

I’ve had cuts due to sharp objects and even burns from accidentally touching the heated tin pans and melted glue.

For some palettes like those from urban decay, they are made from cardboard. So it may not be a wise decision to use heat for obvious reasons.



For reviews on the palette above, click here

What you will need is a palette. You could either buy a zpalette ( I got mine from or you could reuse the feminine and fun cases since they are magnetic.


You will also need at least 91% alcohol. I grabbed mine from guardian @ SGD 4.90. This has 95% alcohol content. Alcohol does not affect the shadows in anyway.

The other tool you will need is a pointed spatula or anything that can be use to loosen the pans from the palette. I bought mine for less than SGD 4 at Sasa Bugis.

For this process to be less messy and not to waste too much alcohol, you could also purchase a bag of these needles. Super fine which is just nice to inject into the gap between the pan and the palette.


Keep a stash of cotton pads to clean up the excess glue.

When you have all that you need, you can begin.

Step 1: pick the palette that is to be depotted. Remove any loose products.


Step 2: inject some alcohol into the gap between the pan and the palette. Squeeze a little at a time. Give it 1 minute to dissolve the glue.


Step 3: wiggle and lift the pan with a spatula.



Step 4: clean the excess glue at the base of the pan with alcohol and a cotton pad.

Step 5: insert it into your palette and you are done !


As the urban decay palette are magnetic, I combined eyeshadows from both palettes into 1.

Out of boredom, I had ripped the palette apart to find that it contained a magnetic sheet ! Yes! You can reuse this sheet by glueing it to any cd case or palettes that do not have magnets in them.





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