Review: Mac’s Matchmaster foundation

Hi Glamifys!

Went to London and was highly recommended by the MUA that MAC’s match master foundation would be very suitable for my skin type.

Basically when I was there, my skin changed a little. It actually became more extreme! 😡 the dry parts became flaky and the oily parts got oilier. Definitely not a good situation!

The most common reason why Matchmaster is so popular is because it is a neutral foundation which simply means that it does not categorize you into a yellow or pink undertone. This is unlike the regular Mac foundations which divide you into the nw or nc series depending on the undertone of your skin color.

What I cannot stand most is that just because I have a slightly more yellow undertone, MUAs love to recommend me a super yellow based foundation. It makes me look like an orange sometimes. On the opposite end, using a pink undertone foundation would make me look like I had a mask on due to the obvious color mismatch.

So yes! Match master is made in heaven for me in terms of color matching.

The match master also helps in balancing out the skin. The dry parts will look more hydrated and the oily parts will look less shiny.

It is not a completely matte foundation and leaves a slight dewy finish on the skin. For those with excessively oily skin, you may either choose to have a primer underneath or probably find an alternative foundation such as the pro longwear.



It retails for SGD 63 at the Singapore MAC counters and comes in a glass bottle.

The London mua had matched me to a 5.0 and it look perfect then. Only did I realise that the lighting was yellow at the store and to my horror, the 5.0 was way too orangey and dark for me.

So I headed down to get my perfect match at the Singapore MAC counter.

The mua, Wynn, at sephora ion, mentioned that the foundation oxidizes and will turn a shade darker.

My perfect match was actually a 4.0. However, in order not to waste the 5.0 I had already purchased, I decided to get the 3.0 so that I could mix it.
3.0 (light) + 5.0 (dark) = 4.0 (perfect!)



Whilst the glass bottle is not exactly travel friendly, MAC did include the locking mechanism on the nozzle to prevent accidental squirts.


The other thing I like about the match master apart from the color match and balancing the skin texture, is that the match master did not sink into the fine lines or pores. The foundation also blended well into the skin and did not feel heavy or cakey like the pro longwear does on my face.

The texture is creamy and it dries/ sets on the face after a few minutes.

Here are more pictures on the match master.





After blending both colors together, it fits my skin nicely.

I don’t have to use a primer for this as my skin does not get overly oily. I also set the foundation with the MAC lightful powder to get long lasting finish.

MAC lightful review here

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3 Comments on “Review: Mac’s Matchmaster foundation”

  1. rose
    May 13, 2014 at 6:36 pm #

    do yo think this will be good on dry skin


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