Review: Shu Uemura’s S curler

Hi Glamifys,

Shu uemura released a new “S” eyelash curler recently and I thought I would give it a try.

As a background, I have been using their original curler that basically looks like any other curler. The only difference is that the angle and contour of the curler has been perfected for Asian eyes which I find absolutely works for me.

Both the original and s curler retails for SGD 30 and is available at all shu uemura counters. Usually sold out so be sure to give a call and reserve before heading down to the store.

Left is the regular shu uemura curler.

Right is the s curler


I find that the s curler is a little more beginning friendly. The regular curlers have 2 bars at the corners and this actually blocks the view of the space between the eyelash and the eyelid.

For those who are not familiar with using a curler, you will have plenty of painful crimping sessions since you are not able to gauge your eyelash properly.

With the s curler, there is very little that is hidden. So it is easier for you to get close to your lash root without accidentally crimping your eyelid too.


Each curler comes with a spare rubber pad for your to replace once the original one wears out.





The s curler is also better for fake eyelash users since you are able to crimp the fake and real lashes together without affecting the side bands of the fake lash.

Hope this post helps!

S curler is highly recommended 🙂

I am still experimenting on how it can crimp lower lashes hehe will update when I found an easy way of doing it


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One Comment on “Review: Shu Uemura’s S curler”

  1. Rie
    September 28, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

    I just bought this online not knowing this was a mini version of an eyelash curler with no sides and not a full size one. This disappointed me so much since it is so hard to use. For someone who can curl their lashes without looking at the mirror, poking my eyes and pinching my lids was new to me, and very much painful I might add. I have the original one and the limited edition karl one (just bought it for the very cute keychain :)) and those work so much better, even in curling the sides of my lashes. The S curler isn’t beginner friendly but maybe in time and with a lot of practice it may be easier to use. The original one (or if you can still find it, the le karl one) is easier and a much better investment, just be sure to buy the original and not the fakes.


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