Review: newest love! Alpha H skin care

Hi Glamifys,

I have fallen in love! Yes! First ever skin care that has made me gone so crazy, I bought almost the entire collection that’s available on

Alpha H is an Australian skin care which focuses on problem skin such as acne scars and aging issues. They are famous for their glycolic acid products which are safe for home use.

Basically, glycolic acid is a type of aha that helps to remove dead cells while seeping into the skin to push the new cells to the surface. In lay man’s term, it’s the good stuff dermatologist use to give you instantly baby butt skin hahaha


The best part is that luxola carries the brand which is cheaper than getting it directly from Alpha h or

Plus!!!! Luxola is having the 30% sale for their 2nd birthday so hurry!!!


I initially bought the micro cleanser to try it out and it showed me the best results I have ever had after 1 application. So I hauled everything else possible! Haha

The prices included are from luxola just to give you an idea of how affordable this is 🙂

#1- balancing cleanser with aloe Vera.
Sgd 39

This is such a gentle yet thorough cleanser. What I love to do with this is apply a generous amount and massage it into the face. I leave it for a few minutes to deep cleanse before I wipe it off with my facial sponge.

It’s a makeup remover plus cleanser all in one. Smells wonderful too! Just like a spa haa





It comes in a handy pump too. 🙂 I use this both day and night to clean my face. The cleanser removes the dirt and excess oil from my face without drying out the skin. I have combination to oily skin and stripping the face off the natural oils just make my skin produce even more oil to balance things out.

Thumbs up for this!

#2- micro cleanse with glycolic acid and rice bran
Sgd 42

This is my ultimate love! Like seriously! Even if you do not get the liquid gold which is also amaze-balls! You definitely need to get this now!

Most exfoliators have the tiny beads to scratch off the dead skin. However, the micro cleanse has the tiny beads plus the added bonus of glycolic acid 🙂

Apart from the immediate removal of dead cells, the glycolic acid works into the skin to chemical peel the rest of the dead cells and also to push out the new cells.

I love to cleanse my face first and then use the micro cleanse twice a week. I massage it into my face for a good 5 minutes before washing it off with a facial sponge.

The smell is also Yummy. If you love mint, this is a must have. The skin not only feels smooth after washing the micro cleanse off, but also the next day, little bits of skin peel off completely.

Whatever dry spots you had would just peel off leaving new supple skin.

The peeling doesn’t leave ugly patches on the face too.




Micro cleanse will make your face feel like its slightly hot and tingly. That’s normal and goes off within a few minutes. It’s definitely a sign of the product working 🙂

#3- balancing and pore refining mask with jojoba oil
Sgd 47

This smells strongly of lavender. I really like how my face is clean looking after this mask. Unlike many pore refining mask, my skin did not look unnaturally matte. It looked like I didnt have oily skin on my tzone and the dry patches on the sides of my face were gone

My enlarged pores were also deeply cleansed with this.

Use this once a week for 10 minutes and wash it off with a facial sponge or cloth.




#4-liquid gold smoothing and perfecting mask with lavender
Sgd 77

This tingles and buzzes and feels so good!

It made my face radiant and smooth. Just love the way the skin doesn’t look pale or white but rather glowing and clear.




This is another product that you would expect to make the face warm and tingly due to the glycolic acid content.

Use once a week and leave it on for 10 minutes.

#5- liquid gold with glycolic acid
Sgd 52

This is like the star product of alpha h. Use it on alternate nights and for an intensive treatment, use it on its own rather than diluting it with moisturizer as suggested.

I initially thought that liquid gold was over rated. That was till I tried it. 😡

Always excited to use the liquid gold as my skin is super smooth the next morning.

My acne scars have faded so drastically with the liquid gold and micro cleanser than I purchased more alpha h items.




It’s a clear liquid that absorbs into the skin quickly. The pores appear smaller although the diminishing acne scars are the main wow factor for me.

The scars faded to half the darkness within the first use. It is diminishing more and more as I use the alpha h products.

I have ordered more stuff from luxola and will post the second round of reviews next week.



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