New collection: Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat

Hi Glamifys,

Recently saw a new Sally Hansen collection at Watsons during a member sale.

The recent trend in nails is texture. Instead of just swiping top coat for a sleek shine, it seems that many people are now opting for different finishes such as sand blast which is grainy to furry like the fuzzy coat by Sally Hansen.





While the RRP of each bottle is SGD 14.90, there are usually watsons sales and discounts available. 🙂 I purchased mine with almost 30% discount !

So far, I have spotted 5 colors which are very playful and fresh in the nail art world.



The one I purchased had multi colored fur 🙂 so pretty!!! Loves!






Probably the best way to describe the fuzzy coat is like having little feather stuck on your nails. It does come off in bits and pieces so you may be cautious about dipping your fingers into food.

If you love the layered texture, you could skip top coats that are self levelling ( usually the most expensive top coats) and opt for a top coat that will not smoothen the bumps and creases that fuzzy coat gives you.

I actually love topping it off with a self levelling finish like the Seche vite as the fuzzy coat has a 3D effect to it.

One of the more interesting nail staples that any beginner can start with since the product is pretty straightforward to use.


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