Review: K-Palette’s Real Lasting Tears Tank

Hi Glamifys,

I have been hearing and seeing lots of raves on the latest K-Palette product ” Real Lasting Tears Tank” and had tried to search it high and low..

It is available at most Sasa and BHG stores in Singapore and retails for SGD 21.90. For those who love online shopping, it is also available at


While I had tried to search it at Sasa and BHG Bugis, they were pretty much out of stock.. so yes! you know you are on to something good when it is flying off the shelves.

I had reached out to K-Palette to find alternative stores near my location and they offered to send me the tears tank for my consideration instead!

Just look at how much effort they took in sending me the tears tank.. together with a nice silk bag and a tinkle as well. The paper bag was even decorated by hand.. I do appreciate the little details K-Palette had put into the packaging and it reflects on the company culture .. How you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING!!! no wonder their products are awesome hahah





Yes, while most Bloggers feel obliged to write nice things about items they have been sponsored, I truly believe that it is more important to write the truth.. If the product doesn’t suit me, I will pass it on to someone who might be able to make it work. If the product works great for me.. then you will definitely see it here!

And yes! I do LOVE the tears tank.. While K-Palette has sent me some official photographs of the product shots, I have also included pictures I have taken myself so it is exactly what you will see in the stores 🙂 Staying true, remember? hehe

I did some research online and sad to say, not many have blogged or youtubed about it. So here is the background~~~

Tears Tank was invented following a recent Asian trend of puffy under eyelids. It is the style of “Aegyo Sal” or Crouching Silkworm as affectionately referred to by the Chinese Physiognomy. (Yes… it is believed that ladies with such puffy under eyelids are blessed with better love luck and money! )

The Aegyo Sal is a slim pouch of no more than 0.4cm directly under the eyes.  It gives such a youthful and approachable appearance that help girls achieve that doe-eyes, innocent, big eyes which so many wish for.

One end of the tears tank is filled with uber goodness. The essence is applied with a thin brush and helps to deeply moisturize dry skin and is anti-aging.

The essence contains 3 main ingredients:

– Hyaluronic acid & Collagen: Keeping skin enriched and moisturized

– Polyglutamic acid: Ability to hold 9 times more moisture than Hyaluronic Acid

– Sophora Flavescens: Prevent skin aging

You would apply this essence under your eyes as a first step before applying any eye makeup.

Just a tip: the essence is great as a night eye serum. It’s packed with so much wonderful ingredients that works well while you catch up on your beauty sleep. I also used the essence this morning ( after a really long night with barely enough sleep!). The skin around my panda eyes were sallow and thin. Popping the essence around my eyes made the skin more plump and radiant after 30 minutes of absorption. I used the tears tank powder to fake the ” I am so wide awake!” look. Must have for party goers who need to look cheerful and vibrant the next morning hahaha ;p

I had included pictures of the essence and brush applicator in the pictures below.


The other end of the tears tank contains that special powder that brings out the life in your eyes. It has finely grained pearl powder that acts as a great highlighter without looking fake. It is so finely milled that it blends easily and adds that touch of natural twinkle in the eyes.

It may get confusing (I was also confused when reading about this the first time). The Tears Tank comes in 2 colors and I finally figured out the difference.

(01) Glamorous Pink: Pinky frosty white: For those without naturally puffy under eyelids. It helps create an obvious tears tank since it is more contrasting to our skin color



(02) Elegance Beige: Cream frosty white: For those who already have existing tears tank (bless you! haha ) and want to enhance it discreetly by adding extra shimmer.



Best part of it all is that once you apply it, you have about 30 seconds to blend into the skin and after that…. it stays put.. waterproof, creaseproof, budgeproof! There is something that K-Palette is getting right in their makeup line and that is durability. The Singapore weather is getting crazier by the day and we really look forward to any form of makeup that is long lasting and has the ability to withstand our humidity.. 🙂

Some instructions on how to go about achieving those cute innocent eyes



(01) Glamorous Pink





(02) Elegance Beige



Top Left picture is without any eye makeup and simply adding tears tank (02) on the lower lid, middle of upper eyelid and inner tear duct. I blended it in so that it looks natural. Gives the eye a slight lift that makes me look fresh and wide awake!



I am loving both colors for different reasons. As you can see from the above, 01 seems to be more contrasting which is great for makeup looks that are more playful. You require that contrasting highlight for a smokey eyes so that the tears tank does not make the eyeshadow look muddy and messy.

As for 02, I love how natural it is. I would wear it on a day where I want the natural “no-makeup” makeup look. it is subtle which makes this hardly detectable. You could pass off for not using any eyeshadow since tears tank only plays with how the light reflects off your eyelids.  

The tears tank is pretty versatile. I had even tried to add this to my top eyelid and inner tear duct for that extra bling. It works wonders as an browbone highlighter.. and you know, if travelling is your pastime, take this baby out and use it as a cheek bone and cupid’s bow highlighter.

It adds that extra sheen which is subtle yet reflects just the right amount of light.

Since beauty is subjective, you can keep the tears tank close to the lashes and take it as far down the under eyelid as you desire. I prefer to keep it about 0.2cm down my lower eyelid as I find that taking down any further makes me look a little unnaturally awake haha to each his (her) own!

Two-thumbs up for K-Palette’s Tears Tank!


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