Review: Bellabox’s February Flirty Edition

Hi Glamifys,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day and Chinese New Year!

Was extremely excited when the courier for Bellabox gave me a call to notify that February’s issue has arrived! Yippie!

The theme for this month is to stay Flirty baby! If you would like to see the previous month’s Bellaboxes, click here

Check out Bellabox at



What a surprise it was to find so many things packed in a small box. From skin care to hair products to even a lipgloss I’ve been meaning to try out for a really long time.

In each Bellabox, you get a nifty card that explains each item and their benefits. It also has the price of the item and you can find all of it at online store





There’s even a special Pan Pacific discount for the month of feb!

#1 Collection Hotlights Lipgloss @ $15.90



This is a full sized lipgloss from Collections 2000 which is now rebranded as Collection. Very well known brand and is popular in UK.

The special thing about this lipgloss is that it is not sticky! Seriously! I hate glosses that are tacky and makes your lips feel like you’ve got a layer of glue on.

It’s main highlight is that this gloss has a mirror on the side and when you twist the gloss open, there are 2 white LED lights that help you see better during application. It’s like the person who created this thought of that one girl you knew who went to the club and tried her very best to apply gloss in dim lights haa

Love how natural the color is on me. Just a touch of pink and lots of shimmer. Oh loves!


#2 Darlie Expert Fresh @ $3 40g or $5.90 120g

Many of my friends comment that my teeth are white and that’s because I use a home teeth whitening kit once a year.

As maintenance, I try to focus on having healthy teeth and gums to fight bacteria and plaque buildup.

A few days of using the Darlie and I find myself having fresh breath for longer periods of time. While my teeth does not have stains, I find that the Darlie toothpaste effectively removes any dirt or buildup from our yummy Singapore meals.





I’m a big fan of L’oreal Paris be it with makeup or hair care and I am so happy Bellabox included a good sized sample of their new shampoo and conditioner

#3 L’oreal Paris Everstrong Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner @ 59ml $3.90 250ml $14.90

First thing that hits you is a nice herbal scent of mint. Very relaxing and soothing especially when I’m sensitive to how my hair smells throughout the day.

Sulphate-free formula which nourishes and clean the scalp while thickening the hair. I am happy to report that I am not going bald but as many girls will notice, if you part your hair in a certain area for many years, you may get slightly thinner hair around the parting.

I find that while it’s too short a time for much effect to take place, this shampoo and conditioner combo resulted in less hair loss and breakages. Will definitely repurchase this in full size once I am done with these 🙂



#5 Apothederm Firming Serum @ 1oz. $95.50

This serum is a must have for anyone who hates thick and sticky serum like many out there in the market.

Apothederm firming serum has a liquidy texture which reminds me of gel that is water based. Absorbs so easily into the skin and does not feel like you have anything on.

I have one fine expression line across my nose bridge and this serum managed to lighten the line in just 3 applications.

Such a splurge to purchase the full sized bottle yet I know it works ! So …….. Haha money well spent I guess 🙂






#6 Rachel K Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask @ 30ml $8.90

Ok! So each mask is $8.90 which may be slightly more than the average mask available in drugstores. But heck! I will pay good money if it works. Haa

And yes! This mask is like amazeballs! The mask drips with goodness and is great for those with sensitive, oily or acne prone skin.

As a last step to my intense weekly Skincare regime, this mask hydrates and gives me clear and radiant skin. I leave it on for a good 45 minutes before removing the sheet and patting the essence into the skin.

So here is another way of stretching your dollar. Grab those sheet mask available at either sasa or Bugis stores and grab a mask buddy.

I actually put in the other sheet mask into the Rachel K pack and passed it on to my sister. The mask anyways has more than enough essence to soak another piece so why let all that goodness go to waste right ? 🙂



#7 Apivita Cleansing Gel for oily / combination skin @ 250ml $ 36

This gels removes even tough makeup while leaving my combination skin hydrated and soft. It’s 96% natural so it less likely to irritate sensitive skin.

Smells divine too! Thumbs up for this gel cleanser



#8 Apivita Purifying tonic lotion for oily/ combination skin @ 200ml $36

While there are many toners that work well for normal skin, not many are suitable for oily or combination skin. Most toners are too drying as they strip away the natural oils off your face.

This on the other hand helps regulate my sebum cycle. I find that I get extremely oily in the morning and very dry skin at night. Upon using this lotion for a few days, I start to see less of the extremes. My face is a lot more manageable and whilst, it’s not perfect, the improvement encourages me to continue with this tonic lotion.



#9 Apivita 3 in 1 cleansing milk for face and eyes @ 250ml $36

For those who have normal to dry skin, this is heaven. Unlike the other cleanser from Apivita, you do not wash off this cleansing milk. All you do is wipe the milk off with a cotton pad and you are good to go.

Extremely hydrating and the skin feels plump afterwards. The milk is also thicker than most cleansing milk out in the market which are runny and watery. It’s a must have for those who want to save space in your toiletry bag since it’s 3 products combined into 1.




Bonus #1: L’oreal Paris extraordinary oil @ 100ml $23.90

A leave in conditioner that left my dry roots looking so healthy and shiny.

If you have oily scalp like me, apply the oil nearer the roots. The extraordinary oil is easily absorbed into the hair so you don’t get any yucky oily residue left! 🙂



I prefer to use this right after towel drying my hair and I leave my hair to air dry

Bonus #2: Rachel K Purifying Cleanser Gel @ 80ml $25

I used this cleanser prior to the Rachel K mask and it helped in bringing out the radiance in my skin. Witch Hazel soothes my sensitive skin and aloe vera helps any acne on the face since it has healing properties






Loving this month’s Bellabox! Full of goodies to keep you looking your best this special month 🙂



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