Review: Bellabox March Issue

Hi Glamifys,


It has been a long long long while since I last blogged.. Between travelling and work, what a whirlwind!!! My skin has been extremely stressed out showing its terrible signs on my face.


But that’s okay! Bellabox to the rescue. I couldn’t be happier to find that March’s Bellabox was filled to the brim with skincare goodness! Yippie!!!







1. Happy Skincare Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm and Pig in Mud Mineral Mask (Oily/Combination)



Cleansing balm is heaven sent! OMGee.. The cold winds, pollution and water content in Shanghai just didn’t help my skin one bit and having the cleansing balm with me really helped a lot. A few things I liked about this were that packaging and contents were safe for travel! No messy spillage since it is a balm consistency.. Thick and solid.. The smell is divine! Citrus is a such a “pick me up from last night’s hangover” scent hahaha the balm deep cleanses my skin and removed all my makeup so I didn’t need to bring an extra makeup remover. Last but not least… it was not greasy one bit.. Just hydrating to the max.. No shriveled prune face for the cold weather! 🙂




The mud mask was awesome. I love clay mask since I have oily skin yet there are mud mask out there that are way too drying for my skin. It swings on opposite ends after the mask treatment for most brands. However, the Pig in Mud left my skin oil-free and soft. No dry patches and my skin felt plump. All ready for a great night’s sleep~~ If your skin is extremely dry, do skip the mud mask and just grabbed the cleansing balm ! You will thank me! haha



2. Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence and Capsule Sleeping Pack





Hmm… so this Laneige set has been the talk of the town for quite a while and I am not sure for whatever reason, I did not think of purchasing it earlier.. yes yes, I regret it now since it is the bomb!

My skin looked so radiant the following morning as if I had hours and hours of beauty sleep. For business travellers, you know how important it is to look your best for meetings especially when your body is adjusting to all the stress factors of travel. Between the essence and the sleeping pack, you have just got to love this.

Radiant, glowing and all-round energy booster for the face!


3. Giovanni 2Chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra- Moist Shampoo & Conditioner





Uh-oh!!! This was my favorite shampoo for cold weather by far! In Shanghai, my normally smooth, relatively silky hair became a mess… frizzy mess! I brought the Giovanni set with me and Hello Gorgeous Hair! Sounds so self-absorbed but I can’t help feeling so happy when my hair was tangle and frizz free when I got out of the shower.

Tip: Shampoo your scalp only and as you wash your hair, the shampoo will rinse the ends. Use conditioner on the middle to hair ends and as you wash off the conditioner, spread the conditioner around the crown of your head.. Oil-free scalp with sexy ends!


4. Covermark Moisture Clear Base & Moisture Veil LX Foundation





The clear base smoothens out the lines and pores in your face creating a flawless base for foundation and powder. Those who love the dewy look, this is a must-have!

The moisture veil is a powder foundation which hydrates and protects your skin from UV rays at the same time. While most SPF foundations give off a flash-back in flash photography, the moisture veil does not. Medium to high buildable coverage and best part, NO CAKEY FACE!!!!! This combi exudes dewy, radiant, glowy skin.


There was even a gift card!!


5. Taut Beauty Pack





This included the Collagen drink Plus Placenta, Taut White, Collagen Mask, Collagen Infusion Essence. A simple 4-step program to get younger, healthy skin that includes nutritional supplements that do not contain pork or pork derivatives.

Mix 1 packet of Taut White powder to the Collagen Drink for a pre-bedtime supplement. Massage the essence onto the skin and complete with the mask. You will glow from the inside out with this series ! 🙂 The drink has a pleasant taste which is a thumbs up for us girls that love collagen










As a bonus, I received the Jill Lowe Magazine March Issue. Great mag to keep me up to date with the fashion world without it being too commercial. There were also nice makeup looks to experiment with.



I will be heading for an exclusive Bellabox event tomorrow! I am so excited since I am such a big fan of theirs. Follow me on instagram @Glamifysg for live coverage of the event 🙂



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