April 2014 : A month for Change

Hi Glamifys,


It has been a wonderful 2 years of blogging about beauty products review and today, for the first time in forever (oh.. cheesy Frozen lyrics 😡 ) I shall be sharing my first heart to heart post. (long post.. just warning you here ! hee)



So Dramatic, I know right?!! Haha



Meeting so many of my blog peers in the last couple of months have kind of put things into perspective a little. Many (if not, all) are extremely slim, pretty, flawless from head to toe.


And me… I take a look in the mirror and see a girl who has all the things that Hollywood says no to.. cellulite… fats… acne… scars… things both you and I have but try our best to cover up.




This is my bf sending me a picture to cheer me up haha So yes! I am fluffy, and there are plenty of fluffy beautiful people out there.


My goal for April was to get healthier.. not necessarily shed weight but just to be at peace with myself.. inside and outside.


My ex-classmate’s girlfriend owns an all-girl muay thai gym here in Singapore, most popularly known as Van Lee Fitness.

*Just a disclaimer.. I am not paid or sponsored by any company I mention in this post 🙂 All services and products are out of my own pocket .. $$$ *


So I was toying with the idea of picking up muay thai.. exercise plus a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do sometimes.. punching my frustrations out on a sand bag beats smacking actual people, right? right??? hahaa




oooo a website selling punching bag with what sort of looks like a dart board.. kinda.. maybe? haa my other fav thing to do.. soft-tip darts!


I finally plucked up the courage to sign up for a trial class (SGD 34 per person including glove rental) with my bestie, The MakeupFanatik, and we will be heading over this Sunday afternoon for our first lesson!


Terrified and excited at the same time. Both of us have not exercised in a really long time so Van will probably have to give us some time to breathe in between. haha 🙂 Paid for the class one week in advance before I have any time to change my mind.. again… haha


Blog Post will be up post-beginner class haha When I finally garner the energy to get up from the floor… Yes! the testimonials show girls covered in sweat just feeling great.. so one step closer to a healthier body!




The other thing I did in April was to start a 3 day vegetarian program.. okay.. I am kind of cheating here.. I HATE VEGETABLES… anyone who knows me.. will tell you how anal I am when it comes to picking out beansprouts from my fried noodles yada yada yada… I don’t like the taste of them one bit..



*picture courtesy of the page i googled from * haha



Since I hate veg, I went on a fruit/fruit juice diet. Strictly fresh fruit juice from the shop below my office with no sugar added. Plus whole fruits that my awesome office supplies to keep us happy!


Started the diet yesterday and boy oh boy.. it is tough.. mentally! It’s as if my mind went on overdrive.. I work in the bugis area.. plenty of food to sway you from whichever diet you are on. haha


I wasn’t as physically hungry as I was mentally. I am sure you all know what I am talking about… you crave for food that you never took a second look at.. I concluded yesterday as my “new-found-appreciation-for-food” day haha


My family wanted Ayam Penyet for dinner at Lucky Plaza last night and I sat through the whole dinner just going through an internal struggle with myself.


“It’s my favorite food… why can’t I have one bite.. one pinch maybe? okok.. one crumb!”

“no…… you have sustained for the whole day and now you want a crumb?? ”

So yeah.. the NO won in the end… and I had an apple before bed (so sad right!? haha )


Plus… I kept a list.. a list of what I ate.. and the temptations I overcame.

What I ate today:






Rock Melon

Fresh fruit juice


What I walked away from today:

Takopachi (even when that stupid shops sells them cold and yucky who cares?! that octopus is yummy when I am this hungry)



KFC (even when the chicken smells sometimes.. but heck! bandito packet… rice bucket… I want you… )



Burger King (suddenly crave for turkey bacon… and the beef I had the other day looked like it had Shrek ears all over them… disgusting.. )


Fish ohmyf-inggod-give-me-that burger (Macdonald’s fish burger.. the bestedest…) yes I just made up the word ..


Milo … oh milo.. my first love..  hahaha all-time fav drink.. just milo can keep me full all day every day!


Corn.. another crazy perk of going to the movies… full of butter or margarine and the salt… salivating right now !


Hong Kong Egglets.. puffy balls of dough haha hate it when it’s just downstairs my office and the smell wafts through the air the moment the lift doors open


Fried noodles.. come on…. carbo carbo carbo .. I miss you!


Ayam Penyet… need I even say more on this… 😦 Fried smashed chicken with rice.. and those fried crumbs … 😦




So yeah.. the list sort of drove me insane yet it made me feel good about all those endurance test I passed haha


And for my face… I’ve had eczema since I was a baby.. skin is sensitive … my knee has a huge patch of skin that is roughed up and itchy due to eczema.. plenty more of scary eczema stories… haa


Through the years, my face is a testament to the time where I had chicken pox as a kid (yes.. the scar is right there on my nose.. funny enough.. its whiter than the rest of my skin.. not the usual dark ugly scar), open pores from the time where using a metal pimple popper stick was the in thing… oily t-zone vs. products that gave me milia or oil seeds… and the sleepless nights partying away (oh I am kidding.. no partying.. just lots of suppers and great company) 😡


so yeah… I do a pretty good job masking all my imperfections with makeup, if I may say so myself. Ha Ha Ha

It’s just that when I remove all that makeup… I know it deep within me that my skin is just crying out for help to get a little healthier.


Saw DJ Maddy Barber going to The DRX Clinic and she took a picture with a dermatologist.. That spiked my interest so I began reading up on the clinic.. I have been going to a facial therapist for years but never thought of going to a medical doctor to get my skin looked at..


Read so many good things about it so decided to set up an appointment 2 days ago.. 🙂 Review for my first experience at The DRX Clinic will be up shortly so keep in store for that! (confirm plus chop.. not sponsored or paid haha ) just my raw opinion on the whole experience.. and I must say… it was Awesome!!!!


plus unedited/unfiltered/unphotoshopped/totallyshameless pictures of before and after treatment haha   I know this has been a long post and it is probably overdue!


Do subscribe/comment/add me and let me know if any of you had gone through the same stuff as I did. Plus share with me tips if there are things I can explore on to help me through my healthy transformation :p



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