Review: 26 Tapas Bar

Congratulations to Chef Dicky, Hogan and Woody from 26 Tapas Bar!




This quaint, homely tapas bar located at the hippie cafe hub of 26, Kandahar Street, Singapore is home to the best food you would have ever tasted.

Your taste buds will thank me for this introduction !! 😀

Read on for full menu, price list, May promotions and best of all a 10% coupon code for all my readers !!!!!!! Sweet deal !!! 😀

* disclaimer: I paid for my meals fully. No discounts or sponsorships included 🙂 *


Coming to 26 Tapas bar feels so comforting. The staff are great, friendly and welcoming. Decorated in chic black and hot pink theme, all you have to do is sit back and relax your night away.

Fantastic food in hand with a huge selection of drinks, that’s all you need to do to have a great night.

Oh! Mio stadium is available too! Yippie for soccer fans! :p

In the month of April, 26 Tapas Bar had a 2 plus 1 promotion on their tapas dishes. They also introduced their melon pop and candy shots as the April special ! ( So yummy!!!!!)

Check out their Facebook page for their latest promotions 😉

Chef Dicky, the person responsible for getting my friends and I addicted to this place!


So without further adieu! On to the food!!!!!

** please don’t mind some of the blurry pictures. Was pretty drink/drank/drunk as the food came ! Haha oppsie :p *

First up! The best thing on the menu in my honest opinion.

26 TB chicken wings with homemade chilli sauce




Salivating just yet???? Unlike regular wings, the TB wings have crispy crunchy skin with succulent juicy meat that falls off the bone.

The prawn paste marinade just takes this off to a whole new level.

For couples who are on the opposite spectrum when it comes to spicy appetite, this is a great dish to share.
The wings are tasty without being spicy. And the SAUCE!!! Omg!! It’s the spiciest, most fragrant, delicious prawn paste you would have ever tried. If you like spicy food, dip those wings in and tuck in!

I don’t take much spice but even then, it’s hard to resist dipping a tiny corner of my wing into that sauce 😀

The other dish you have got to try is the STEAK CUBES with pan fried mushrooms and asparagus.



So tender!!!!

It’s perfectly cooked and so flavorful. Using fresh, high grade beef plus great fire control, the beef comes out just awesome.

No chewy tough beef and yes, it is fully cooked through. No bloody insides 😛 (I usually return bloody beef back to the kitchen till it’s well down haa )

Try to include the mushroom and asparagus in each mouthful for a burst of textures and flavors.

I’m a happy girl !

Duck lovers, beware! The SMOKED DUCK with green apple and orange & ginger sauce is definitely for you.



Eat the duck with the apple and oh my, you will be hooked. The sauce is tangy and complements the duck so well.

so yumz! And those who won’t eat the thick layer of fat ( yes yes yes , I know that’s the best part of the duck), you can easily remove it and enjoy the lean meat on its own.

Another popular tapas dish is the DEVILLED EGGS with sliced smoked duck & pesto.




One mouthful and it’s like your brain goes on overdrive. A shot for your taste buds!

So many different textures at once and those who love eggs, got to try this!

Fish lovers alert! The DORY SAMBUCA with light salad dressed in tangy sauce is such a luxury. When you order the dory, Hogan will pour lighted Sambuca over the fish that leaves a sweet alcoholic after taste.

Thumbs up!!!




On to the main meals! Pizza and pasta are the bomb!

Ugly duckling pizza has smoked duck breast, mozzarella cheese, topped with 26 special sauce and wanton skin

This is my most favorite pizza ever! If you love Peking duck and pizza, this is a must try.

The sauce is delectable, the duck is tender, the wanton skin is crispy.

It’s as if I was having Peking duck with the plum sauce and crepe in a pizza format ?!?

This gets my vote for the best Asian fusion pizza in Singapore!




The other pizza you have got to sink your teeth in is the BANZAI pizza which has roasted teriyaki chicken topped with spring onions, wasabi mayo and seaweed.

Thumbs up!! The teriyaki is not too sweet and adds the right amount of zingg to the pizza.


I have yet to try the other pastas although I reckon this would be a staple order on our visits to 26 tapas bar.

Introducing CRISPY SOFT SHELL POMODORO spaghetti

The spaghetti is done al-dente when you order. The sauce is home made with chunky pieces of tomato plus the spaghetti is thinner than usual. Yum yum yum !!!



For those who love to try craft beers and special monthly shots, have it with the NACHOS. It comes with home made salsa and cheese dips as well.


The month of April had 2 special shots; melon pop and candy floss





Pour the cream vodka over the floss and down it! Sweet and sticky all at the same time.

The candy pop is drank slightly differently.

First, put the candy pop in your mouth and it will start sizzling. Then drink the shot.

Happiness in a glass! Haha

The most popular beer on the menu is the Banana bread beer. It’s has a strong beer taste with a sweet banana slight after taste. Girls will love this! Buy 2 and save $$ 🙂


Here is the menu for April. Be sure to head down to 26 Tapas Bar for the May Menu 🙂



The part where you would be most excited about!!! Promotions and coupon code!!!!

26 TAPAS Bar’s promotion for the month of May are:

*** Buy one pasta and get the second pasta at 50% off ***

Applicable from 12 noon to 3 pm and discount will be given on the lower priced pasta.

P.s. There will be 3 new tapas dishes introduced in May with 2 special limited edition shots every month 😀


C.R.E.A.M. Shots and Snowball shots !!!!

Plus I got you all a sweet deal!

I managed to convince the owners to give a special promotion so MORE of you will travel there to try this and to experience what I went through.

Yes, it’s unbelievable but YES, this is for real!

QUOTE ” GLAMIFY LOVES 26TAPASBAR” and get 10% off your FOOD bill.

This is applicable for the entire month of May. Any time. Any day!

However, due to the high demand, please kindly make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.

To top it off, there is this fabulous cake shop just next door!

For many of you, this is no stranger.

The only downside is that Parking may be a challenge during certain hours of the day

More details at :

Instagram : @26tapasbar

Do take pictures and #26tapasbar 😀


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