Review: Bellabox’s May Get Active!

Hi Glamifys!


May is the month to Get Active and Bellabox has prepared a special goodie set for me 😛


Photo 19-5-14 11 26 31 pm

Photo 19-5-14 11 34 00 pm

Photo 19-5-14 11 35 20 pm


The box was filled to the brim and Bellabox even had to pack 2 products separately hehe *happy*

Photo 19-5-14 11 25 06 pm

Photo 4-6-14 8 45 42 pm


#1. Asience Leave-on Hair Treatment Milk

Photo 4-6-14 8 48 34 pm


It is well-known that Asience keeps the Asian female in mind when coming up with new products .. you know… our coarse hair, humidity etc etc.. This leave-on treatment is filled with so much goodness and herbs that your hair is not only moisturized, but also repairing itself as the day goes on.


Not oily or sticky when applied which is great for days when the weather is so humid. My hair was smooth and frizz-free! :p


#2. Rexona Women Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Photo 4-6-14 8 49 49 pm

Photo 4-6-14 8 51 09 pm

You don’t have to smell bad to use deodorant.. seriously.. just a pleasant scent to keep up with active lives and what better way to do 2 things at once right? whiten and smell good haha easy to just roll it on and let it do the rest of the work.. sunflower oil is the key ingredient here since it helps to control melanin formation


I have been using this even before Bellabox sent it over and I really like the fact that it does not stain the clothes.. *makes me angry thinking of some brands where you get unsightly stains.. haha *


#3. Jacqueline Burchell Fizzy Candy

Photo 4-6-14 8 54 46 pm

Photo 4-6-14 8 53 45 pm

Textured nail polish!! woo hoo.. i love quirky stuff like this.. subtle texture with such a loud color.. great for a wild weekend out. I got this pretty blue from the Jellybeans collection.. i like the brush on the Jacqueline Burchell’s products.. very easy to use even for beginners.. plus no streaky marks!


#4. Nip + Fab Stiletto Fix

Photo 4-6-14 8 56 18 pm


OMG! I love wearing heels just like many of you but a few hours into those sexy shoes.. it can make you feel like they are the heels from hell.. hours on your feet and the skin around it may get rough and worn down.. the Stiletto Fix is such a perk me up and even for someone like me who has eczema, one application makes such a big difference.


Left is before and the 2 right pictures are after one application. Instant Gratification I say! haa

Photo 4-6-14 8 58 20 pm


#5. Benzac AC 5%


Photo 4-6-14 9 02 12 pm

Photo 4-6-14 9 00 49 pm

Instead of the usual drugstore pimple creams which I find dries my skin to the bone, the Benzac cleared up my acne without causing stress on the rest of the skin. No peeling, no dry scaly skin.. thumbs up. It is readily available at Guardian, Watsons and Unity.


#6. Herblean Whitening & Hydration Mask

Photo 4-6-14 9 04 01 pm

You may be thinking that the name would suggest a strong Chinese herbal smell.. so no.. it smells perfectly pleasant haa

As our skin is exposed to the daily stresses and pollutants, the mask makes my face feel so awake and rejuvenated. nice!


#7. Herblean Whitening & Hydration Spray

Photo 4-6-14 9 04 52 pm

This complements the mask so well. When you need a perk me up in the middle of the day, you could sway your fix+ or Evian spray for this herb infused spray 🙂


#8. Style Aromatherapy Anti-Dandruff Leave-in Hair Moisturizer


Photo 4-6-14 9 06 17 pm

Some leave-in conditioners clog your pores and cause even more problems on the scalp.. like putting a thick layer of oil on an oily scalp… or worst still.. thick oily sticky conditioners that make your hair look dirty after a few hours.


The Style Aromatherapy leave-in moisturizer smells divine and I find that my scalp is less irritated after a month of use .



#9. The Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples Cheek & Lip Cream Palette

Photo 4-6-14 9 07 58 pm

Photo 4-6-14 9 09 13 pm



How cute is this! It can be applied sheer or buildable to a more opaque tinge of color. Looks natural and healthy. Great for travel since it is multi-purpose too. Blends effortlessly with the warmth of your fingers.



#10. DR Jart + Bounce Beauty Balm


Photo 4-6-14 9 11 22 pm

Photo 5-6-14 1 31 27 am

This is best for those with normal to slightly dry skin. If you have excessively dry skin like myself (I am going through some facial treatments where the skin is peeling off naturally), then you may have some issues with this Bounce BB.

Lightens the skin tone to a healthy glow and it is absorbed into the skin so that you do not have to go about your day worrying about a white cast. hee


Bonus: Activa Starter Vitamin C

Photo 5-6-14 1 38 08 am

Photo 20-5-14 12 28 30 am


For better skin and nails, take your daily dosage of Vitamin C. While most Vitamin C supplements come from Citrus sources, Activa is unique as they extract out of a little cherry from Porto Rico. How interesting eh.


Chew the tablet… just like candy 😀



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