Review: COVERMARK Precious Bright Series

Hi Glamifys,

I’m so excited to share this with you!!

Last month, I had received a 2 weeks trial kit from Covermark and the results are woohoo!!!!

*and no, I’m not paid to say this haha 😀 *

Covermark is a Japanese company and have been around for many years. From what I gather on their website, they focus on healthy skin and that natural glow and radiance.


They are experts at dealing with troubled skin such as acne and pigmentation.

In conjunction with their relaunch of the new and improved ” Precious Bright” series on 1st May, Covermark is handing out 3-day sample packs to those who head down to their Takashimaya Singapore counter. Plus, if you really want to get a good feel of the products, try the 2-week trial pack at only SGD 80.

This collection was a partnership between Covermark and Osaka University that perfected the science of using the Kamala extract to add radiance from the deepest layers of our skin.

** do take note that you should only purchase from Covermark since I heard that there is a wannabe company stemming out of Indonesia. Be safe people ! Know what you are buying and keep informed ya? 😛 **



When you head down to the counter, the expert will show you a brochure similar to the one above and assess your skin type.

I have oily and dull skin so the precious bright will help me get rid of the sallow skin.


Start off with the Treatment Cleansing milk. It removes makeup with ease and leaves your skin feeling super duper plump.



Double cleanse with the Mineral wash to ensure your face is squeaky clean! Lather up with water in your palms and massage into your face.



Saturate cotton pad with Precious Bright lotion and swipe it all over your skin to remove dead skin cells for a thorough clean.


Follow up with the Precious Bright Serum that is packed with so much nutritious goodness for your skin.

Apply a thin layer all over your face including the neck. Look how easily it absorbs into the skin?


The last step would be to moisturize and lock in all that good ingredients into your skin.

Apply a thin layer of the Precious Bright Cream and leave it on for the entire night. The cream is lightweight yet very hydrating. Suitable for all skin types


Look at what Covermark surprised me with! Haha a big bottle of lotion and cream that will be great when I travel 🙂 yippie ! It was due to me spending a minimum of SGD 250. Do drop by the counter to check on their promotions from time to time for the best deals.



Of course I just had to share my shocking results with all my lovely readers. 😀 too excited !!

Left: before
Right: after 2 weeks


The ugly blotches on my face have disappeared and the skin is fairer and more radiant. Goodbye dull skin! 🙂


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