Review: Covermark’s Treatment Cleansing Milk

Hi Glamifys,

I am honored to be sharing this treasure with you.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried so many cleansers, oils, milks, foams, scrubs… U name it… I probably have experimented with it at one point or another

A couple of months ago, Bellabox sent me some Covermark stuff just as a trial kit. Lo and behold.. I fell in love with the treatment cleansing milk.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so amazed by a skin care before. *sorry for the rave. It is as honest as I can be *

Previously my skin had lots of old pimple scars, big pores, oily tzone, exceptionally dry skin on the outer rim of my face. Yellow, sallow, dull complexion too. *sad! *

I’m not embarrassed to share these pictures because the treatment cleansing milk has brought lots of smiles for me and for many others too.


After trying the sample sachets, I decided to grab hold of a big bottle. Each bottle retails for SGD 55 and is available at the Covermark counter at Takashimaya Level 1, Ngee Ann City Singapore.




Covermark will be relaunching a improved version of their cleansing oil soon so do follow me here and on my facebook for updates 🙂


Read these previous posts where I had briefly reviewed Covermark’s treatment milk and other products too

The treatment cleansing milk removes the most stubborn waterproof makeup (including mascara) with such ease.

While it cleanses, the milk treats your skin conditions such as balancing the oil sebum production, even out the complexion and promotes growth of healthy skin so your old scars can fade off with time.

This is a picture of me after 10 days of use. My whole face looks so much more radiant! I feel a lot more confident with the scars visibly disappearing before my eyes. Even the ugly open pores on my nose have shrunk tremendously. The oily tzone is more manageable and the dry patches around my face are gone!

During these 10 days, I only used the treatment cleansing milk and no other cleanser or skin care. Therefore, the results you see are purely the effects from using the milk.


At the end of 24 days (as of today), this is my skin condition now.



I know my skin is not totally perfect and there is so much more things I could pick at. However, I feel grateful that the cleansing milk has made my skin improved so much in such a short time.

My face feels healthy and I find that glowy, radiant skin is far more important that making it look perfectly plastic.

The biggest change I witnessed is the overall reduction in pore size as well as the balanced complexion. Previously, my forehead was darker than e rest of my face.

Now, it’s sort off all merged into one color.

The sides of my face that where filled with scars have now disappeared.

24 days later, the bottle still feels as full as before. Just 4 pumps massaged into dry skin at the end of a long night. That’s all it takes. 🙂


There is a promotion from 17 to 23 July at the Covermark special rare Takashimaya level 1.








Do drop by and keep a look out for the Japanese makeup artist that will be doing the makeover’s for you.

Add Covermark Singapore on their facebook page for more details on how to book your makeover today


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