Review: Bellabox August Summer Fresh Issue

Hi Glamifys,

It’s been a cray cray month! Been so busy that my skin has shown signs of lethargy and dullness. 😦 somehow opening up my Bellabox was a total relief!

The Summer Fresh box was filled with lots of goodies to freshen up my skin and you will see why as you scroll down 😀 yayness!




Each box comes with a cheat sheet as I’d like to call it 🙂


1. Hee Eternity Hydro-Gel Mask 24K Gold + Syn-Ake

Uh-oh divine holy grail mask here. Oops… Always a fan of pampering myself hahaha the mask feels luxurious and hydrating. Skin is dewy, supple and plump after a good 40 minutes of application.

After a long day, this is what you need to put back some life into your face haha



The trick to maximize each mask is to melt the mask in hot water after using it on your face and then soak your hands and feet in it. Spreading the love here ! 🙂

2. Petal Fresh Organics Aloe & Citrus Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

The smell!!! Refreshing! Great perk me up on sleepy mornings and it deep cleanses my hair without drying out the ends

Excited to purchase the full size bottles when I’m done with these ones.



3. Sleek Kajal Eyeliner in Noctural

This reminds me so much of my childhood where I sat by the vanity watching grandma put on traditional kajal eyeliner from Saudi. Black, creamy and so intriguing.

Sleek’s Kajal is just as easy to use and flawlessly glides on your waterline. No tugging and no irritating chemicals too 🙂



4. Kinohimitsu Diamond Nite Drink

Elixir for young skin! Taste pleasant and is not too sweet. Never been a fan of ingesting such drinks which claim fabulousless. However, I had a friend who swore by it and I’m glad Bellabox gave me a bottle to try.

Looking good from within is awesome. That glow and radiance. Woohoo! Preps you for a good night sleep too



5. Skin Inc Renew Coenzyme Q10 Serum

Hello Bellabox! You wonderful people!

A full size bottle was included in my box and it costs so much. Well worth my Bellabox subscription.

The serum absorbs effortlessly into the skin without any sticky residue. Just like applying water with little bubbles that burst as you apply. Thumbs up!!

Pleasantly surprised at how little serum you need to use at a time so that you can stretch that bottle. 🙂 a little goes a lonnnnggggg way




6. MYSKINBAR Sunproof Aqua

I know I know. Whoever who hears me hating sunblock usually will end up giving me a lecture. And it’s not that I don’t think sunblock is necessary. I totally do. It’s just that sunblock for the face is usually one of the most sticky oily products out there.

Given that my skin has a tendency to get extremely oily and in Singapore’s humid weather, foundation easily slips and slides so coupled with a bad sunblock, it spells disaster.

MYSKINBAR surprised me since it absorbs immediately and felt like I had nothing on my skin. Wow! Apart from the latest technology, I find that it acted sort of like a primer for my foundation. Smoothen the dry areas so that foundation applied more evenly.




7. Laneige Water Bank Essence EX

Laneige’s Best selling essence ??? I believe it! Haha I love to use this at night when I just need that extra boost of hydration. Drink lots of water and add this to your face and it’s like you had that extra hour of sleep.

I find this this essence helped me smoothen out the fine lines on my face. Probably due to the water bank retaining more water on the surface of my skin


Bonus 1: Tealy Premium Tea

I’m a tea-junkie. Love to try new teas since I can’t take coffee haha Tealy is easy on the taste buds. Nothing too strong, of course steeping it longer will cause it to get thicker. The Ceylon tea is great for after meals as it relaxes me and i forget to have dessert after haha

Mint rooibos is wow! My favorite ! I hate those that leave your mouth feeling like you just had a pack of mint gum. So this is just nice.




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