What’s kept me so busy: KWYM Interior Designs Pte Ltd

Ahhhh! It’s been so long since I have had any time to blog. The past 2 months have been extremely exciting watching our love nest transform from drab to FAB!

The bf and I were looking around for interior designers/ contractors to do up our future home and anyone who has gone through renovation would know how challenging it is to pick a trustworthy contractor.

We had more than 6 different companies come by our place to provide us quotes…. Needless to say.. All were either ridiculously priced – sharing their vision of a Cinderella’s castle idea (although we kept saying we wanted simple and practical) zzzzzz or the other contractors just tried to give us cement floors and basic renovation without any hacking of the old tiles which still was way above what we budgeted for.

No, we were not cheapos. Very realistic budget based on feedback from experienced home owners and we even upped the budget by abit more considering our home is a 20 year old 5-room enhanced HDB flat. We are the second owners and looking at the pictures below, the first owner kept everything ( and I meant EVERYTHING) as the original design. 😥










The floor tiles were okay… Could have been salvaged with a hell of a lot of cleaning…. The balcony was a waste and we intended to level up the balcony to have a bigger living/dining space, the kitchen was a horrendous disaster and don’t even get me started on the bathrooms!

The first owner rented out the flat to some foreigners and therefore, the house wasn’t in good shape.

That pillar couldn’t be knocked down so we just planned to get it painted and make it look pretty with some art or posters 🙂


Now… On the best part of it all. 😀

Our very dear friend recommended Lionel to us.

Lionel – Director of KWYM Interior Designs Pte Ltd.

let me put a disclaimer first * I wasn’t paid or encouraged in any way to mention Lionel’s name or any company. I just thought good things have to share. So I share share lor 🙂

Lionel met us at the house and debunked a lot of the crap the rest of the contractors wanted to do.

For example, one of them scared us into doing extra works on the ceiling as he kept repeating there were water leakages …. Lionel said it wasn’t… Just old paint that needed to be removed! See! That’s how many thousands $$$ were saved

The bedroom tiles could be salvaged and he recommended us to do a vinyl overlay that looked like wood panels. Apparently, vinyl is more lasting and doesn’t warp or something compared to normal laminate flooring. *leaving the technical terms to the boys*

The list of stuff we wanted to do were

1. Change the living room / kitchen / bathroom tiles

2. Vinyl overlay the bedroom floors

3. Built in cabinets for kitchen and master bedroom

4. Level up the balcony floor and also the balcony ledge (the ledge was slanted into the house so whenever it rained, water would collect into the balcony!!!! )

5. Change the main door and doors inside the house

6. New accessories for kitchen and bathrooms like the hood and hop, toilet bowls and mirrors etc

7. Re painting of entire house

8. Tempered glass backsplash for the kitchen

9. Change all windows and grills

Basically, for Lionel to get started on all those, he must first hack the old stuff out….

Lionel was very patient with us and listened to the concept we had in mind. The budget was worked out and based on that, he even gave us solutions that balanced both the $$$ and aesthetics/ practicality of the house.

So… Done deal! Lionel was in charge and he made sure the house could be completed in 5 weeks!!! Oopsie!

Oops.. Sorry Lionel. If u r reading this… We put him under tremendous time pressure to get the house ready before Chinese New Year haha 🙂

Contractors were in and out of the house everyday trying to keep to the schedule. Fingers crossed… Things are running as smooth as a well oiled machine. Lionel and his site supervisor, Chua, (shoutout to Chua! Hi hi! ) keeps a really close eye and takes pride in their design.

It’s a working progress and we still have a few days more before the renovation is completed.

Here are some pictures of the transformation 🙂


































Gona be posting more on house renovation such as the progress… Plus where we got our appliances and kitchen / toilet stuff from 🙂

If you want to contact Lionel for advice and a quote, reach out to him at enquiry@kwym.com.sg

Tel: 6851 6068

Do remember to tell Lionel that GLAMIFY SG sent you his way too! 😛


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