New Release & Review: MAC’s Studio Chromagraphic Pencil Crayon Multi-Usages

HI Glamifys,

MAC recently launched their Studio Conceal & Correct Collection and I fell in love with the Chromagraphic Pencil in Concealer shades.


This collection consists of liquid, powder foundations which are in the regular MAC line as well as color corrector and concealer duos which are limited (if I am right). 😛

Price list is as follows:

Studio Finish Concealer Duo palette – SGD 50

Studio Conceal and Correct Duo (pen) – SGD 41

Studio Chromagraphic Pencil – SGD 39

The Chromagraphic Pencil are in skin color shades and can be used for a multitude of things.. such as concealing spots, emergency foundation, under/ inner corner/tear duct eye brightener, remove redness in waterline, brow bone/cupid bow/ highlight and many more..

If you are pretty fair, the darkest shade NC 42/NW35 can also act as a contour for the bridge of your nose or even under your cheek bones. 🙂

There are 3 shades in this collection:

NC 15 / NW 20

NW 25 / NC 30

NC 42 / NW 35


As a reference, I am about a MAC NC 35 😀

** and don’t mind my eyebrows… trying very hard to grow them back and not having the urge to pluck and groom them 😥

For my waterline and highlighting, I picked NC 15 / NW 20 and for concealing the rest of my face, I chose NC 42 / NW 35. Do have fun with this pencils and mix the colors together.



They blend with ease and it is such a joy to have them with me all the time. Travel friendly and no messy creams/liquid spillage in my makeup bag for when I am careless haha The only bummer is that you need to carry a sharpener along with you… no biggie.. since I anyways have one for my eyeliner 🙂

It just so happen that my face decided to assist this blog post by giving me a major breakout this week… I have really bad acne and pimples around my chin as you can see here. I used the darker pencil to conceal the blemishes and blended it out softly with my fingers.

I also used the lighter pencil to add some highlight to my chin area.


For such a small handy dandy pencil, I think the results are pretty awesome!

I had breakouts along my cheeks as well and ta-dahhhh ! all gone 🙂 so HAPPYYYYY


Before I knew better, I used to cake out concealer to cover my blemishes… I ended up giving up on concealing and just showing off my blemishes in all its glory. What I didn’t do then is to cover only the specific spot and blend the edges of the concealer out… yes… ONLY THE EDGESSSSSS.!!! not the entire spot of concealer… if you were to blend the entire spot, it would “dilute” or sheer out the concealer. then the vicious cycle of adding more concealer and blending it out again and again will occur.

So this pencil makes it so simple as I dot the pencil on the darkest spot of my blemish and then I blend the edges outwards to give me flawless skin 🙂

Another use for it is to reduce the redness in your waterline. I used the darker pencil to match my skin tone and just take away the redness.

Top Row: Bare eyes

Bottom Row: with darker pencil


As not many looks ask for a nude eye, the current trend is to highlight/brighten the eye area whenever possible. So I used the lighter pencil under my brow bone, inner corner, waterline and under my eyes..

Looking like some crazy person with all the markings hehehe


After some blending, my eyes look a little more lifted and my dark circles are concealed. WHoopee!!

I really think this is a good buy for busy career ladies that just want a quick 5 minute perk up in the middle of the day. Fantastic for beginners too as it is relatively fuss-free

** I am also in the middle of testing out the Bodyshop InstaBlur Primer and the MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Duo Pens. Reviews coming up very soon! **


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2 Comments on “New Release & Review: MAC’s Studio Chromagraphic Pencil Crayon Multi-Usages”

  1. Michelle Venturini
    August 11, 2015 at 7:32 am #

    Your post was THE most helpful ever! I’ve been looking for information on how to have the most of my chromagraphic liner and … here you are! I’d never thought of using it as nose contour. Brilliant! Thank you!


    • August 11, 2015 at 3:42 pm #

      Hi dear, 🙂 good to know u found it very helpful. Try it and let me know


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