Review: Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara 

Hi Glamifys, 

Sephora will be launching the Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara soon and it will be retailing for SGD 37. 

I recently received a sample size of the roller lash and I love it! 

The secret of the super curling and lifting action is in the wand which has little “hooks” to catch all the lashes and curl them upwards. 😘

Notice how there are smaller rubber bristles to create the curl and the outer curve has bigger rubber bristles to add volume. 

I wiggle the smaller bristles on my lashes first and then turn the wand around to the larger bristles. 

Even the tiniest of hairs are coated in the mascara making it thick and black… Volume is great! 

The formula of the mascara is a little thick and wet which is probably my favourite type of consistency. I hate those that are so dry it wouldn’t even coat my lashes properly. 

The wand is also curved to fit the curvature of our eye. Less mascara smearing all over your eyelids haha 🐼🐼🐼

My natural lashes are short and fine. They have a slight curl but nothing fantastic. 

With the first coat of mascara. 

I like how the lashes look natural and how my eyes open up. 

With the second coat of mascara 

I prefer two coats as the lashes look so much thicker and blacker. It may get a little clumpy so do built up the layers quickly before it dries. That way, the excess can be removed with the wand without any spider legs 🙂 


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