Review: Bellabox’s March Box. ” Fifty Shades of Pink”

Hi Glamifys, 

I excitedly opened up the Bellabox this month as I knew each box contained the Benefit a Roller Lash Mascara! 😘

I received a travel size mascara from Sephora previously and was happy to receive another travel size Roller Lash in this month’s box 😍😍😍

So many goodies as usual! 

First up………… BENEFIT’s Roller Lash! 😀 

For a more in depth look, Check out my full blog review on the Roller Lash. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!

Bellabox even included a coupon card for extra freebies when you purchase the full size mascara 😎 whoopee! 


I’ve heard of the PPP Shop as they are famous for their dermatologist services and boy oh boy… The mask included in my Bellabox is so valuable haha a pack of 6 sheets cost $72. Super good stuff yoz! 

Given that I’ve not had any laser done, I still tried the mask anyways haha rejuvenation in a packet I’d say 😜 I was practically a 🐼 for weeks as I’ve been slacking on my facial appointments hee so the post laser facial mask was a treat for my face. 

Best part? My pores looked a little smaller and the dry patches on my cheeks were less sore. 

I’m going to call them up to book a facial one of these days and let them fix my face up haha oops! 


Asience has been around for soooooo long and I’ve been using the brand on an off in the last couple of years. I usually switch my hair routine every few months to find what is best for me. 

Sometimes, the new routine doesn’t work out and I’m left to remedy my hair back to health. One of the most reliable combinations would be the inner rich selection from Asience. 

Frizz be gone! I get my shine and bouncy hair back in less than a week with this combi 🙂 just look at the ingredients… It contains so many good mineral oils that nourish and replenish moisture into the hair cuticle. 


Bioderma isn’t just known for the Sensibio H2O which everyone went mad for. Haa (I’m guilty! )

If you have extremely dehydrated skin that needs plenty of hydration (and this doesn’t mean lathering oil on your face ok?!? 😊 ), then give their Hydrabio Serum a shot. 

I have combination skin but majority of the sides of the face are dry. I tried Hydrabio serum for 3 days and the changes are visible. Makeup doesn’t settle into the dry patches anymore. Yes!!!! 

Imagine putting on foundation and having an uneven coverage… Yucks! Bioderma solves this instantly. 

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum
A moisturizing concentrate for dehydrated skin, its refreshing melt-in texture is enhanced with Aquagenium® patent to biologically revitalize skin’s natural hydrating ability. For soft, radiant, rejuvenated skin in time.
40ml / $49.90

I also like to use the serum after shower to lock in the moisture and suppleness of my skin. The serum absorbs into the skin in less than 30 seconds and feels like absolutely nothing. No residue or sticky after feel. 😃


Ever since Bellabox came along and introduced me to a few good sunscreens, I’ve been faithfully putting in on. Haha especially now where the journey to and fro work means the sun is in my face 😦 

Daylong has an SPF 50 which is unusual in face sunblocks. I usually see it as 30 or less. 

I find that while there are sunscreens in the market that are absolutely odorless, Daylong has a slight scent to it. It’s not a bad smell or those strong banana boat kind… Just a little fragrance 🙂 

The first thing I checked for when I received Daylong was to swatch it on my hands. And to my relief, there was no sticky after feel. 😀 

I love using Daylong on days when I want to run about doing my errands and have no time to fix some makeup on. I know for sure I’m protected with Daylong ! 

The pack also includes sunscreen for kids… I don’t have kids around for me to try it on haha once I get a chance, I’ll update this post 


With my hair acting all dry and frizzy lately, I decided to pass the Naturvital Sensitive Oily Hair Shampoo to a friend to try. She has extremely oily scalp which causes her hair to look greasy even if she has just washed it. 

She finished both sachets in 4 days and was pretty stunned at how long the greasiness was kept at bay. Instead of having to wash her hair twice a day, she could last for a full day before the grease took over. 

It has been a loooOooong 2 weeks and what better way to unwind with a cuppa of Tealy Spring Green Tea from Kagoshima Japan. Delightfully refreshing and I even used the tea bag to soak my feet once I’m done drinking the tea. Hehe 

Tealy always includes such exquisite teas in the Bellabox … 😍😍


As a bonus, I received the all new Darlie All Shiny Multicare White toothpaste. While I whiten my teeth once a year professionally, I love whitening toothpaste to maintain my pearlie whites 🙂 

This new Darlie toothpaste is like an all in one! 7 benefits plus whitening. Yay! 

So happy with all the items in my Bellabox. Very useful and they worked well for me. 


P.s.  I watched 50 shades of Grey and didn’t think the movie lived up to what’s in the book hahah I had a different grey in mind…… 😉


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