Review: Bellabox’s April Edition- Dare To Be Flawless!

Hi Glamifys! 

Bellabox‘s April Issue of Dare To Be Flawless is out now! 

So many goodies in a box and I especially look forward to trying out the VDL Lumilayer Primer and THEFACESHOP’s Cushion Screen Cell Foundation 🙂 Read on for more!



Sometimes I wonder which fairy knew I needed some help on my nails haha was so happy to find it in my box 😛 why i need it? scroll down…



VDL has been around for quite a while now and I do like quite a few of what they have to offer… afforable mascaras, eyeshadows, brushes and even lipsticks…. 

Given that I have yet to try their Lumilayer Primer, I was pretty excited to get it through Bellabox this month. 

Will be hitting the Big 3 – 0 this year and my preference in skin finish has altered a little.. rather than going on for full coverage totally matte skin base… I am loving the more dewy, natural looking skin lately… 

so what if a few imperfections show through… I guess as one matures further into life, you become a little more comfortable in your skin.



The Lumilayer has a violet-pigmented formula that brightens up your face and adding a radiance and a glow you would never imagine. 

When I first swatched it on my hand, I was sceptical since the primer had ultra fine violet holographic glitter in it. 

*I love Edward Cullen but I don’t wish to shine like diamonds in the sunlight haha *



Much to my relief, it went on so flawlessly on my face.. blended ultra smooth into the skin and left it with such a pretty glow. 

Healthy and radiant ! 

The perfect canvas that helped to minimize pores and conceal the dry patches on my cheeks. Scroll to the end for a before and after 😛



Schwarzkopf’s Professional BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Beauty Balm


Who knew hair too needed a BB cream ??? haha I have been looking around for a leave-in hydrating hair cream as long story cut short (literally)…. i chopped off about 12 inches of hair after the wedding and now sport a feminine bob/pixie hair style. 

Since my hair is so short these days, I do not even get a chance to use conditioner to often as my scalps gets really disgusting oily if it accidentally comes into contact with conditioner… I was only to limit its use to the ends of my hair. 

Without daily conditioner my hair can sometimes get unruly and dry… now that’s where the Moisture BB came to save me… haha 

after shower, I leave this in my hair, style it and ta-dah! healthy shine for the entire day. 

For days where I blow dry my hair and some frizz shows through, I reach out for Schwarzkopf’s Professional BC Bonacure Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream. 


When using a hot tool like straightener or hair dryer, always use a heat protectant first. This helps to minimize heat damage to your hair and thereby, reducing hair loss, breakages, frizzy and unruly manes. 

Even with heat protectant, the baby hairs that frame my face can sometimes be extremely stubborn so I use the smoothing cream to keep them in check. 

 Besides the VDL Primer, the other hot stuff in April’s Bellabox is THEFACESHOP’s Cushion Screen Cell SPF 50+ PA+++!

So…… foundations from Korean brands are usually looked over by me as the color is way too fair for my skintone.. 😦

Heard so much about the Cushion that my itchy fingers applied some on my face and that resulted in me being too stunned for words haa.. 

not only did it look too fair in the packaging but also did not seem thick or pigmented enough to provide a decent coverage. 

 Boy was I wrong!



See the little netting? 

Underneath that is a cushion soaked in the foundation and all I do is tap the sponge provided onto the netting and apply it on my face. 

For a light coverage, just swipe and blend.. if there are more spots to cover, just tap on the foundation for a concealer effect.



It blended so nicely into my skin and the foundation sort of melted with my skin tone. I just look radiant ! 

not sadako or the dreadful #iwanttobe2shadeslighter #forgottoblend foundation problem. haha 

 face, neck and ears all became a seamless consistent color.

Absolute loves! the fine lines in my face disappeared too! yay!



My office air con is a tad too cold for my liking and being all day in air con can sometimes cause dry skin. 

I wish I could use a moisturising cream to hydrate myself throughout the day but my oily t-zone just won’t have it. 

 So blessed am I to try this Dr G. Aquasis Water Soothing Gel Cream!

Gel is a lot more suitable for oily skin as it feels lightweight and non greasy. 

The Aquasis kept my face hydrated for a good 12 hours and skin is kept plump too! Took only about 5 minutes to fully absorb and I could apply makeup with ease after that.



I never learned to cook until I got married *confessions* haha which is about 3 months so far… 

 Without much experience, I walked into NTUC Finest for an emergency ginger hunt. Wanted to cook some porridge which needed ginger and thanks to the ‘ATAS’ selection, I could only find blue ginger, old ginger and yellow ginger. 

I usually just grab the young ginger at regular NTUCs and I knew old ginger wasn’t sweet as much as it was spicy… 

 So rather than picking something as Alien as Blue ginger (I couldn’t imagine what it looked like after I took off the skin haha ), I picked the yellow ginger to try. 

 Oh My Gawd… I was happily cleaning the ginger and slicing it when I got home until I realised my entire chopping board, counter top, hand and nails were a mustard yellow color. Found out later that yellow ginger = raw tumeric. 😦

 I tried to wash it off but it looked stained on.

So angry with myself. white nails turn so ugly.

 The following day, Bellabox came in the mail and you probably would understand my elation at seeing the Kerasal Nail Gel. 😛 

 Very easy to use due to the silicone drop tip and I had used it on my thumb nail to see how effective it is.



From dry, brittle and yellow, my nails recovered within 24 hours… no more yucky yellow hands and nails!

THANK YOU KERASAL! You are a Saviour!



There was also a bonus product by VDL this month. VDL Skin P+R=O Almighty Ampoule Essence!

It has highly concentrated Centella Asiatica for anti aging benefits.

I tried this within a span of 2 days and I really like how my skin feels the morning after. smooth smooth smooth



I had used the Dr.G Aquasis Water Soothing Gel Cream on the right side of my face. 5 minutes later, I primed my face with the VDL Lumilayer and the pat on THEFACESHOP’s Cushion Foundation.

See the before and after! pores are smaller, my milia seeds are somehow camouflaged and my face has a general flawless canvas ready for powder, contouring and blusher!



Grab your Bellabox before it is all gone! 


Glamify Sg 

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