New Release & Swatches : M.A.C Huggable Lipcolour

Hi Glamifys, 

M.A.C launched their Huggable Lipcolour limited edition series this past weekend. 

There was a huge party at the MAC counter in Sephora Ion with the huggable pink bear making an appearance. πŸ™‚ 
How cute is that ! Haha and that legs peeking through … Adorbs!



It’s always a good time for selfies especially when MAC was giving out free huggable lip makeovers :p 
Beno & Alif held makeup demonstrations as well. Tips tips tips that come in very handy 
Huggable was previously launched last here and besides Fashion Force, the rest of the 8 huggable Lipcolour are new shades. 
Click here if you wanted to see last year’s launch 
This year, there are 9 shades in the collection. Each retails at SGD 35 and is available at all MAC counters. 

Left to right: Soft Talking, Fashion Force, I’m In, Love Feeling, Play It Soft

Left to right: Flaming Lips, I’m Game, Dramatical, Glamourize 


The best way I can describe huggables are the consistency of a lipbalm paired with almost sheer lipstick. If you have easily chapped lips, the huggables will glide on and keep your lips feeling so baby soft. 
I love the feeling and because it ” hugs” your skin so well, the color last longer than any regular MAC lipstick. 
My favorite lipstick series by MAC of all time πŸ˜πŸ‘

I picked 5 out of the 9 ! So happy 

The packaging is a sleek metallic gunmetal casing and it has a magnetic closure too. 

Left to right : Soft Talking, Play It Soft, I’m Game, Fashion Force, I’m In



Soft talking – beige nude


Play It Soft – baby pink watermelon


I’m Game – bright fuschia 


Fashion Force- orange nude


I’m In- rose nude 


Grab it while stocks last. πŸ™‚ 

Thanks Yanny, Siok Hua, Heather & Jo for a great time at the event 😊


Glamify Sg

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