SUPER SNEAK PEEK: M.A.C’s Wash and Dry Summer Collection 2015

Hi Glamifys!
I am ridiculously excited to write this blog as the kind people at M.A.C Singapore had given me the privilege to swatch, review & also provide the PRICE LIST (yes! You read that right! ) for the entire collection 🙂
*missed out the brow products so will get my hands on that ASAP !!! *


The collection will be released in most stores in Singapore on the 29th of May (set your calendar!)

Price list will be at the end of this blog 😀

Overall, the packaging is such a collector’s item. It’s vibrant metallic and glossy. 

Woo hoo! Yes yes! It’s the first thing you rave about once you see this collection in person hehe



1. Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trio

There are 3 to choose from and given that I’ve always been a fan of this formula, I was incredibly happy to see it being launched in this collection.


For those who love shimmer & glitter, you GOTTA have this. Seriously… Just run to the store on 29th May and grab all 3!

Pigmented and goes on so buttery smooth.

Stays on the lid without any creasing for the whole day too.



2. Makeup Bag

Just as crazy attractive as the collection, this is a decent size makeup bag that comes in very handy either during your travels or just to touch up throughout the day.


3. Bronzing Powder

Comes in a matte and fine shimmer finish.

Refined golden is much lighter than Matte Bronze.

Given that I’m pretty tan, I prefer the matte bronze which becomes my contour powder.

But if you are pale and want to add some warmth to your skin, pick Refined Gold for that sun-kissed look.


Left is Matte Bronze

Right is Refined Gold – with fine gold shimmer


4. Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder

Oh Hello! This formula is adorable! It’s like a second skin!

Feels like a liquid when you first apply and it is fairly sheer. There is a lot of flexibility to build up the color by adding more layers.

It looks matte in the pan but when on your skin, it adds that slightly dewy finish without making your face look oily.


Golden Rinse is slightly more brick red skewing towards a peachy nude.

Delicates is a cool town grey brown that is perfect with those who are fairer.

Left : Golden Rinse

Right: Delicates



5. 126 SE Split Fibre Large Face Brush

A flexible brush with both synthetic and natural bristles for 2 different looks or products.

I like how soft this is and I can get an evenly diffused application with this paddle brush.


6. 125 SE Split a Fibre Dense Face Brush

This is more like a compacted brush that is great for highlighting or contouring in the cheek area.

As the bristles feel gentle to the face, you can go as harsh or as natural with the contour.

I am loving both brushes !



7. Technakohl Liner

There are 3 in this collection and I’m obsessed with 2 of them especially.

For years… I’ve been using the technakohl in Graphblack. It’s their standard black which doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.

It’s the same with the 3 released in this collection. For those who get watery eyes or contact lense wearers, you may want to give this series a try.

Best part! No need to sharpen 🙂 just twist and you are done!

Practice makes perfect is a matte navy blue

Coin operated is a shimmery gunmetal

Color matters is a neon lime green

My favs were coin operated and color matters !

The colors are oh la Lah!



8. Lipstick

4 shades to suit every fancy. Sometimes, lipsticks can be draggy or badly pigmented.

However, this collection contains one of the best formulas in lipsticks. The pigmentation surprised me as I initially thought of having to apply it twice to get a full coverage.

I only needed one swipe and ta dah!
Buttery smooth too 🙂


Left to right :

Steam heat is a bright orange red that is described to look like a tomato

Morange is a bright mandarin orange

Tumble Dry is a nude coral

Creme D nude is a pink big eve nude



9. Lipglass

Comes in 4 pretty shades that applies smoothly.

I think it looks great on top of the lipsticks and given that it has very good pigmentation, you could use it on its own too 🙂




10.   Blusher

I grabbed both blusher because they are so so pretty.
Crisp whites is a light pastel peach with slight sheen.


For fairer skin tones, this would be great for the ” no makeup – makeup look” beautiful inner glow 🙂
Hipness is a frost baby pink with a touch of coral. I personally prefer Hipness as my skin is tan.

Given that both are very pigmented, be warned that you do have to use a very light touch and build up the intensity as you go. Hipness especially!
Hipness on the left, Crisp whites on the right

Oh my Golly! On to the star of this collection.





11. Highlight Powder

This is very unique! It’s 3 colors into one and there is a golden shimmer over spray.

Individually, I think it gives me a choice on how intense I want this  highlighter to be. I can even use it as a blusher.


When mixed together (as seen on the right swatch), it has a soft peachy highlight sheen.


 Some will complain that the gold glitter will come off after a few uses and to be honest, I think the gold glitter is great for a night out.
For a more day to day look, I prefer lesser glitter and I really don’t mind if the gold glitter doesn’t go through the entire product.
It’s beautiful either ways and for anyone thinking about collection, you will regret not buying this.


12.  Nail Lacquer

A navy blue and a turquoise nail polish gets you ready for summer. A bright pop of color that takes only one coat to have your nails fully opaque

Very cute packaging too !

Now…. Last but not least…..

* been getting feedback that me listing the price list is pretty helpful when deciding what to buy haha *
So here it is!
Technakohl – SGD 30

Bronzing Powder – SGD 46

Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder – SGD 58

Blusher – SGD 42

Highlight Powder – SGD 58

Lipstick – SGD 33

Lipglass – SGD 33

125 SE brush – SGD 68

126 SE brush – SGD 87

Veluxe Pearl Fushion eyeshadow trio – SGD 46

Nail lacquer – SGD 25

Makeup bag – SGD 58
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