Launch Party: M.A.C ‘s Eyes on MAC collection 

Hi Glamifys !
It was an awesome time celebrating the launch of the all new Eyes on Mac 9 and 15 eyeshadow palettes today! 
The big party was held at Sephora Ion and thank you for all the lovely friends at MAC for helping me beat the crowd. 

There was a ton of people there and everyone rushed to get thier hands on those gorgeous palettes 😜😜😎


Alif gave 2 demo sessions which were very useful in learning tips & tricks of how to use the 9 eyeshadow palettes 🙂 
The 15 eyeshadow set comes in 2 different palettes; cool & warm. 

They were launched previously at SGD 210 and the price has been recently revised to SGD 180! Wow! That’s a big saving for those who want to get more than a few colors. 
One single eyeshadow is usually about $30 odd. Which means you technically pay for 6 eyeshadows and you get 9 free for $180. Hehe 
For the 9 eyeshadow palettes, the size of each shadow is smaller and the entire palette is travel friendly as it fits the size of your palm. 🙂 convenient! 
Comes in 4 palettes of 9 shadows each and each palette contains a mix of eyeshadow finishes such as satin, matte etc. 
Each palette retails for SGD 72. 
Amber Times Nine is a gold nude theme and is everything you would need for a neutral smokey eye. 


Burgundy Times Nine is so gorgeous with warm reddish coppery neutrals. Another great palette for an everyday look and best part is that you can amp it up to get a smokey eye too. 


Navy Times Nine is pretty pretty. That baby electric blue just adds a pop of color that every girl needs. If you love the cool tones of a neutral/smokey eye, this would be the one for you. 


So… The one I wanted so bad was out of stock! 😦 so sad :((((( 

Good news is that more palettes will be coming in about 2 weeks time so hopefully I can get my hands on it then 🙂 

In celebration of Hari Raya/ Eid Mubarak, for the very first time, M.A.C Cosmetics will be giving away special “green” packets to Muslim customers who purchase a M.A.C product. 

Do check with the counter on how you can get a hold of it ! 

How crazy is that! It’s gold holographic with the signature MAC black! Faints! I’m not giving this away hahaha just keeping it for myself! 

For a closer look on the 2 palettes I purchased, scroll down…. 





I fell in love with this palette. It’s the right  amount of nude neutral and that little touch of color. I’m sure this is going to be very well used ! Hehe 

The other one I liked was because of the gold and how simply nude the eyeshadows were. I can’t wear crazy colors on some days where a more formal toned- down look is required and this is where the Amber palette comes in handy. 



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