Review: Sage & Ylang Skincare #supportsglocal


Feels like it’s been years since I last blogged. 😱

I started using healthier skincare when I was pregnant 2 years ago and have since been on a lookout for products suitable for my ever changing skin.

I’ve known Irene for years when she first started Bottle of Nature Review: Bottle Of Nature Botanical Skincare Solutions

With her passion for continuous learning and improvement into clean and certified organic skincare solutions, Irene launched Sage and Ylang last year. Best part, this is 100% a Singapore company and I am all for supporting local brands!

I took my time to get to know the products Irene introduced me to and I am happy to say that my skin is doing so much better! ❤️

This is me the day I started adding Sage and Ylang Radiance Defence Protection Serum and Radiance Luxury Night Repair Serum into my daily routine. Breakouts, uneven skin patches and dullness were my main concerns.

Top left is what the serums look like.

In the morning, I cleanse my face, apply toner and while the toner is still wet to the touch, I massage 1 pump of Radiance Defence into my skin. Followed with my regular moisturizer and sunblock.

It leaves my skin hydrated and plump without feeling oily. Makeup goes on smoothly as well and fine lines are minimized. Dry patches that foundation loves to settle into are long gone! 😘

After a long day, I strip off my makeup and thoroughly cleanse my skin. I do exactly the same steps with the Radiance Luxury i.e. apply night serum while toner is wet and moisturizer to seal it off. No sunblock obviously for night time! Hee 😎

If you love masks like I do, you have got to try this!

Radiance Indulgence Luminous and Firming mask is DA BOMB! I have never, ever, seen with my bare eyes how black and white heads get sucked to the skin’s surface ready for extraction. I removed them by barely touching it. The mask did all the work for me.

Truly shocked the first time I used it and is now a staple in my mask collection.

Makes me feel like I’m cooking my own mask although no actual cooking happened haha

Mix 1.5 teaspoons of water with 2 tea spoons of clay mask.

* this is the first time I mixed my mask and apparently, Irene said I used too much product haha well, it did say indulgence on the box so I was definitely going to indulge my skin in all this goodness! 😂

Apply mask to clean face and wash off after 10 mins. While washing, exfoliate your face by using circular motions too! 2 in 1 mask. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This is me after 2 weeks of diligently using the 3 products above. No Facetune. No photoshop. Honest and raw ☺️

My skin isn’t perfect but it’s so much better than it was before. Texture wise, dry patches are barely there, oily tzone is a lot more controlled and my once dull skin is now truly radiant!

Makeup glides on so much nicer now! ships locally in Singapore as well as internationally!

There are affordable sample sizes available too which will anyways lead you to buying the full size since it’s amazing!


Glamify Sg

**This leaflet is very useful for more information.

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